Prep Week Day 1

Yesterday was my Day 1 of the prep week for Hannah Marcotti’s Spring Cleanse. I started off the day by reading the guide for the cleanse as well as browsing the beautiful and tasty recipes she suggested.

One recipe that looked particularly easy and delicious to me was her Witches Brew Green Smoothie! If you’re an avid GGH’er you know I love me some green drinks and this one is just screaming for some Amazing Grass for an extra boost!

Witches Brew

1 frozen banana
½ cup frozen mango
2 cups torn kale
2 tsp raw cacoa
1 Tb raw almond butter
1-2 cups water

Blend up until smooth.

Yes please!!! I will definitely be trying this out for a breakfast or afternoon snack. Speaking of breakfast I whipped a delish little plate of goodness yesterday. Kale Chips with a “deep fried” egg.

I had left over kale chips and was craving them so I thought I’d add some additional protein with an egg. I simply sprayed my skillet with cooking spray and cracked my egg right in the pan. I let it cook and crisp until golden brown, flipped and allowed it to repeat on the other side. While the second side was crisping I added my kale chips to the pan and all of the delish extra virgin olive oil and garlic worked in with the egg aiding it in becoming “deep fried”. This was so delicious and filling. I recommend you try it ASAP.

As for my kale chips, the recipe is super easy!

I use the Trader Joe’s cut, washed, and ready to cook/eat bagged kale, you can use fresh but this saved so much work.

-Once kale is prepped or your bag is open 😉 pour onto baking sheet lined with foil. Be sure kale is spread out and not piled up.

-Drizzle kale with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh lemon juice, sprinkle minced garlic, and add a dash of sea salt and black pepper

-Place in pre-heated 350 oven for 15 to 18 minutes depending on oven, chips should be crisp to the touch


I also used my kale chips for dinner last night! I sauted them with some pre-cubed tofu. I simply sprayed my skillet with cooking spray, sauted my tofu cubes until golden, added kale chips, and sprayed everything with Smart Balance butter. Stirred everything around until kale was warm. Easy, healthy, quick….now that’s dinner!

All of this green eating has really made an impact already, I have tons of energy and my body feels good. I really encourage all of you to check out and sign up ASAP! This again is the prep week so you still have time. Guys, you can sign up too!!

P.S. Check out the awesome new Blog Roll! If you have a blog and would like to be featured send me your link!!

Healthy Wishes, T

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