Good Morning!!!

So we are officially into this Challenge!! This post is just a reminder for your WEEK 1 assignment as well as a NEW POP CHALLENGE!!

Week of Monday Dec 6th: Weigh In, log in your journal a minimum of once, check in with Tera at least once, make contact with your accountability partner and update them. CHALLENGE: Try 1 NEW food and drink a MINIMUM of 64 oz’s of water a day. 

Now onto the POP CHALLENGE!!!!

If you remember last week you were supposed to add 25 crunches to the number of crunches you could already do. Example: I can do 100 crunches easily so I had to up it to 125 crunches, once I can do the 125 crunches without stopping I will stay at that number for 2 days and then add 25 more making it 150 crunches!!! You will continue to add additional crunches until January 1st!

For this weeks Challenge I want you to add an additional 2 minutes of running/jogging time to what you can do now! So if you can’t run/jog at all I want you to try to do so for 2 minutes, if you CAN run/jog for let’s say 10 minutes make it 12 and so on…

Remember to do your crunches DAILY and you must complete the running challenge

by Next Monday December 13th!!


Below are all of the assignments that you might have missed so there is still time to start!!! Be sure that I have your correct email address because you never know when I might send you an additional Pop Challenge to win a PRIZE!!! Have a great week and best of luck with this weeks assignment and challenges!!!

Wednesday Dec 1st: You will weigh in and write down the REAL number. You will then find your real life accountability partner and tell them that number, the REAL number. Saying it out loud makes it real. If you need an accountability partner I would be more than happy to be that for you, and please note your emails are for my eyes only. You will also need to begin your weekly journal entries. On this 1st day I want you to log your weight and how you felt when that number came up in front of you. Were you shocked? Happy? Disgusted? Mad? Sad? Whatever it is you need to write it down. Then below that entry I want you to write down 4 goals that are realistic. They can be anything!!! Drop 2 pounds the first week, meet new people, ask someone out on a date, spend more time with family, go hiking…ANYTHING.

Remember this an Inside Out Makeover!

Pop Challenge 1-Crunches: If you can do 25 crunches I want you to make it 50….if you can do 50 make it 75….100 do 125 and so on! This will be in ONE sitting, PUSH YOURSELF! You’ll never realize what you’re truly capable of doing if you don’t push and step out of the box! You may use a balance/yoga ball to complete your crunches or lie flat on the floor.

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