Polar F7, New Bed, Salads!

Happy Tuesday!

Let’s just get it out of the way……ZUMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Yes it’s Tuesday and that means my day started off with Zumba at Fit World with my BERNIE!!! I also had a partner in tow, MA DUKES! I was so happy to have my Mother In Law join me for my fave work out. She had her first personal training session last night at Fit World so she was a tad sore but she shook her boo-tay anyhow. She did so well, especially since Bernie threw 3 brand new routines at us right off the bat. So props to you Ma! I’m so proud of her and her twin sister, Auntie Paul, for joining Fit World and making a change for the better.

If you’d like to change YOUR life for the better, and train with trainers just like Bob and Jillian, come visit Fit World!

Fit World will be bringing back their AWESOME enrollment deal for ONE DAY ONLY! Saturday January 9th from 12 to 5pm!!!

You can join Fit World of Cranston for $0 down and $29 a month!!! That’s a $1 a day to change your life!  Check out http://www.fitworldri.com/ for more details!

Phone: (401) 464-4055
Information: info@fitworldri.com

On Saturday, January 9th there will be prizes and some very nice surprises 😉 during that 12 to 5p time frame! I will be stopping by at some point so if you’d like to swing by and say hi, let me know! I would love to meet you and take you on a tour of Rhode Island’s newest state of the art facility! Hope to see you there!!!

After Zumba I came home and snacked quickly on a granola bar, and then ran and jumped on my brandy new MATTRESS!!!! OMGosh I can’t wait to go to bed tonight friends. I’m actually typing this post on the bed right now LOL. It’s sooooo comfy!

All that mattress jumping made me hungry ;). I am currently obsessed with chunky salads, if you can’t tell. I think I get salad obsessive in the winter because it almost quenches my thirst. I have to stay on top of myself in the winter when it comes to water. Anyone else like that?

Today’s salad was: Apple Almond Tortilla Mixed Green salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette-YUMMY!


-2 cups Mixed Green salad

-1/4 cup chopped green onion

– 1 package Emerald 100 Calorie Almonds

-small green apple sliced

– 6 small pieces of fat free tortilla

-Parmesan cheese sprinkles

-Pomegranate Vin drizzle

So tasty!

After I was fed and showered we ventured off to REI so I could buy myself an early birthday gift! I purchased a Polar F7 Heart Monitor/Calorie Counter super watch!!!! I LOVE it and I can’t wait to use it in Spin on Thursday.

Pretty sweet huh?!

The rest of the afternoon was just spent hanging out with my boys and playing in the house. I can’t wait until spring to take Zac back to the park, I’m stir crazy.

The hubby is back at school, vacation is over, so I was single for dinner. So guess what I made….chunky salad!

Tonight’s salad: Warm Apple “Chicken” Salad


-3 cups Mixed Greens

-1 small green apple sliced

-1 bag of Morning Star Farms Chicken strips

-1/4 cup green onions

-Parmesan cheese sprinkles

Start by combining chicken, apple, and onions in large skillet coated with cooking spray. Saute everything until apple and onion are soft and chicken is warmed. Toss warm mix and greens together, drizzle with Pomegranate vin!

Today was Day 5!!! How did you do? I weigh in on Friday!!! I’m feelin good, hoping for atleast 3 pounds gone! How are you guys doing? I can’t say enough or encouarge you enough to email me, Tweet me, Facebook me! I want to hear from you! Hold you accountable! Keep in touch it’s the only way to keep going!

I’m gonna sign off now and finish Biggest Loser!!! Have a good night!

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