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I know they do for me, and one of the biggest challenges during those lovely 2 weeks of the month is FOOD. I’m a sweet tooth kind of gal and I’m pretty sure on certain days if you covered a dining room chair in chocolate I would wrestle you for it. So how can we curb those cravings and stay healthy during our low points? I have a few tricks up my sleeve from food tricks to vitamins! Check it out!

Trick 1: Eat, Do Not Skip Meals

One of the reasons that PMS sufferers turn to the easy processed foods to alleviate sudden or constant hunger is because they have not been eating regularly and sensibly. Skipping meals when you have PMS is a recipe for PMS disaster. Not eating will not reduce bloating, cramps, headaches, nausea, or irritability.

Cravings occur when the body’s level of blood sugar drops. Any other craving is an emotional craving. Do not let your body get to the point of cravings, feed it before that happens.

Quick Fix: Follow the grazing method, and eat five to six small, healthy meals to keep the body’s blood sugar level.

Trick 2: Be a Vitamin-B Fanatic

Vitamin B can be a girl’s best friend. Doctors sometimes recommend taking Vitamin B6, which can help with many PMS symptoms including bloating, cravings, tiredness, and mood swings.

Quick Fix:Eat a handful of nuts and a banana with some yogurt. Or, have chicken breast, some kind of eggs, or sweet potatoes. Also be sure to incorporate whole grains, and beans into your regular diet.

Trick 4: Satisfy Fat Calories with Healthier Fat Choices

When you regular diet is filled with fat-laden foods, you will suffer more from symptoms and discomforts of PMS. Because PMS symptoms can start as early as one or even two weeks before the start of the menstrual cycle, eliminating fatty foods from your daily diet is the best way eliminate the effect of fatty foods on PMS symptoms.

Quick Fix: Have a tuna fish sandwich, salmon for dinner, or snack on pumpkin seeds or walnuts.

Trick 5: Increase Your Potassium

It’s easy to increase your potassium intake to alleviate symptoms of PMS when you add fruit or vegetables to every meal. Have a bowl of fresh fruit salad: bananas,cantaloupe and orange.Have a bowl of fresh fruit salad: bananas, cantaloupe and orange.

Quick Fix: Drink some orange juice.

Trick 6: Go for the Water

PMS-related Water gain and bloating does not call for over-the-counter drugs. Make sure you are drinking enough water, and add foods that have a high water content to your diet.

Quick Fix: Make a snack plate with fresh celery, sliced cucumbers, red bell peppers and carrot sticks.

Trick 7: Get off the Refined Sugar Train

If you have been eating more but smaller meals, you shouldn’t be craving sugar. When you eat too much processed sugar, you will feel more tired than energized. Go for natural sources of sugar found in fresh fruit or canned fruit with added water not syrup.

Trick 8: Fix that Chocolate Jones With Better Choices

Okay, sometimes you just have to have chocolate. Rather than have too much chocolate, stock healthier chocolate choices.

Quick Fix:Instead of rich chocolate ice cream, have Fudgsicles or chocolate pudding on hand.

Trick 9: Got Milk?

Be sure to include calcium and Vitamin D in your diet. While this could mean a glass of 2 percent or 1 percent, milk, there are other non-dairy options.

Quick Fix: Have some asparagus, broccoli, some beet greens, or any other calcium-rich veggies.


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So ladies I hope these little tricks will assist you in reining in those cravings before they even surface. Before I go I want to share a lovely article that was sent to me by a Twitter Follower/GGH reader! It goes hand in hand with my Honey Do post! Thanks again Kim for your take on Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning by Kim (Follow her on Twitter @Boston925)

 It’s Almost Spring…Time for a Brain Wash!

It’s hard to believe after a long, snowy winter in Boston, but Spring is just around the corner! Time to ditch the boots and sweaters for some lighter gear! Time to go through the closets and donate those jeans and bridesmaids dresses that you swear you’ll find a use for again! Time to go through the shoes, the bags, the make-up, the clothes… Spring cleaning ladies! After doing a bit of early Spring cleaning myself this past weekend, something occurred to me. We all spend a lot of time cleaning- PHYSICALLY cleaning; our bodies, our laundry, our homes, our cars, our food. Don’t get me wrong, this is all absolutely necessary for many reasons, but we also go beyond just cleaning these things. Many of us take the time to get a manicure, change our wall color, purchase a newer car, update our shoe collection, etc. My point is, we go beyond the necessary in these areas before many of us even think about one of the most critical areas that we need to de-clutter. We are painting our toe nails while ignoring something that can literally change our lives-our minds!

The mind is such a powerful tool, and so many of us go along on auto pilot under the assumption that things just happen to us by default, luck or coincidence-not so! We create our realities, and that is empowering news! During this time of seasonal change, known for clearing space and new beginnings, lets take the time to find our own personal way to clear our minds of the thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve us. For some this may mean taking a yoga class or spending time meditating and for others, it may mean less hours at work and more time spent with family, keeping a journal, or spending more time with friends that are uplifting. We all operate differently and some things work better than others for us to de-stress, clear our minds, relax and reevaluate. The point I want to reiterate here is to find way this Spring to not only de-clutter your closet, but de-clutter your mind. Clear out the negative, bring in the positive and relax! When we are clear, happy and chill out, we are magnets that attract our goals and desires! Sounds simple right? It IS! Spring is approaching ladies, so grab the magic mind broom and get sweeping!

Spring is a time of warm, sunny days, with occasional passing showers. Somewhat a brief, concise metaphor for life. RENEWAL. Rebirth. Laughter, vacations, new opportunity, RECYCLING, out with the old, in with the new. CHANGE. It’s like another shot at those New Year’s resolutions! I know that the you are health conscious, spiritually savvy, fashionably hip, intelligent women who strive to live the best lives possible, all the while having fun and living passionate, loving lives! Are you with me? Take this opportunity and grab the reins, I believe in you! Spring is just around the corner, clean out your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. BALANCE is the key here. Once you de-clutter your life in these areas, you will be in a position to not only reach for the stars, but to grab them and throw them in your purse! I know, easier said than done, and I know some of you may be in situations that may leave you in despair and doubt, but the reality is, you’re like a magnet! It’s very simple-what you think, speak and act upon you draw toward you. If you can’t make big changes right now, that’s fine! Small changes have a big impact! Continue to keep a clear mind, body and spirit, and focus on your goals. Before long, you will see the effects of your work! The mind is an amazing tool and thoughts fuel your future. You are the artist and your palate is filled with amazing, bright, colorful choices! So ladies, how will you add color to your world today?

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