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I have been asked quite a bit over the last few months what music I use in my classes! I have been lazy in posting those lists, and posting in general, but I fugure if I’m gonna make it a goal to post as much as I used to I hafta stop being lazy at some point LOL. So today’s post is all about MUSIC!

I teach several different classes and each play list rotates through each class for 3 weeks! I’ve learned that 3 times is usually enough for people to hear a list and do the routines that go with that list. Any more than 3 exposures people seem to get bored, so I like to switch it up! Below are the lists I’m currently running in each class! You can Google the titles or find them on iTunes and Ares! Enjoy!

Cardio Dance (Wednesdays and Saturdays):

DJ Got Us Fallin In Love-Usher

Brinca-DJ Kane

Rompe-Daddy Yankee

Know You Want Me-Pit Bull

On The Floor- J LO and Pit Bull


Power of Banghra-Snap

Weight Training Section-

No Americano- Yolanda Be Cool

Stereo Love- Edward Maya

Tonight-Enrique Iglesias

Hold It Against Me-Britney Spears

Hide U-Sandy Rivera


Kick N Mix (Mondays):

On The Floor- J LO


S & M-Rhianna

Know You Want Me-Pit Bull

Tonight- Enrique Iglesias

No Americano-Yolanda Be Cool


On To The Next One-Swizz Beats

Hide U-Sandy Rivera

Bullet Proof -(Jose Spinnin Cortes REMIX)- La Roux

Stronger-Kanye West

Just Dance (Tony Arzadon REMIX)-Lady Gaga

Kick Boxing (Tuesdays)

Sexy Back-Justin Timberlake

Just Dance-Lady Gaga

S & M-Rhianna

Pump It-Black Eyed Peas


Stronger-Britney Spears-RUNNING song


Stereo Love-Edward Maya

Chicano- Club Mix-Walker & Daniels


Cardio Chair (Thursdays):

Lady Marmalade- Moulin Rouge Sound Track

Feed Back- Janet Jackson

Man Eater-Nelly Furtado

IF-Janet Jackson

Slave 4 U-Britney Spears

Gimmie More-Brtiney Spears

Weights/Resistance Section

Dirty-Christina Aguliera

Hot Mess-Cobra Starship

3-Britney Spears

I Like It-Enrique Iglesias


Better Than Her-Matisse

Stereo Love-Edward Maya

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