We’ve ALL been there! Whether it’s weight loss, building muscle, training for a race or ride, even just making a healthy life style change…..the PLATEAU…..

It’s totally normal and should be expected for one to hit a wall at some point when making HUGE changes. I have hit more walls than a NASCAR driver!! I have found, personally, that when I plateau it means time for change. I go back to eating SUPER CLEAN, like all water no coffee, tea, and not even the occasional alcoholic beverage, high protein foods and super intense workouts. I also find that when I’m in that limbo stage if I write down EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth it makes it so much easier to hold myself accountable. I also switch up the work outs! New classes, heavier weights, longer runs, etc etc…however sometimes the plateau seems to stay and it takes a while to get going again…..THAT’S OK! I’m down 120 pounds and my body sometimes screams for me to just stop….I don’t because I’m not completely happy with where I am. But, I do know that the walls will keep coming, that I will fall off the wagon and when I do I just have to recognize it FAST and get back on. I’ve said it to you guys a million times, “You’re gonna fall off the wagon….that’s OK! Stick out your thumb and hitch a ride back on!” 

When I decided to write this post I wanted to call on someone to give you guys some Personal Trainer perspective! My good friend Samara, AKA The Gym Coach, was kind enough to do a bit of a guest spot! Check it out!!

1) Re-evaluate (or re-set) your goals: What tends to happen with people trying to lose weight is they set in their mind their target calorie deficit to reach a weight goal (e.g. needing to eat 1800 calories a day and workout 30 min a day to lose 4 lbs per week). When you lose weight (especially a lot of weight), you have to re-set your targets, because as you get smaller there is less weight to lose and therefore it can seem even harder. Think of it this way – for a 170 lb woman to lose 10 lbs it may take 2 months (at, say approximately 500 calorie deficit each day). But then when that woman hits 160 lbs, 10 lbs is a different and higher % of her weight, so it will take longer to lose the next 10 lbs keeping at that same 500 calorie deficit plan. Thus, you need to reset your goals and targets at each new weight milestone.

2) Go back to the basics: If you stopped your food journal, start count your calories again. It’s possible you’ve slipped and don’t even know it.

3) Change course: Have you ever heard the phrase “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response?” Well if this is you then maybe you need to shake things up a bit. Try a new class, a new routine, or a new tactic like a gym buddy.


Also, the best thing that happened to me in this last plateau, which by the way was like 4 weeks!!! Was SHAKEOLOGY!!!! I can’t tell you guys enough, it is LIFE CHANGING!! To see the scale drop 4 lbs in 1 week at this stage in the game for me was AWESOME! Not gonna lie I did a little under wear booty dance for about 5 minutes…TMI? LOL!!

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Have a great night friends!!

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