Pita Chips, I LOVE You

Good Sunday Evening!

Today actually turned out to be a random but really nice day. I had my pedicure done at noon with my mom in law, so nice to spend time with her. She is such a special part of my life and I don’t know how she does everything! Anyway, the pedi was super relaxing and way over due! Here are my little chubby toes all painted up and ready to go!


I need a tan LOL!

After my pedi I was starving so I came home and made a super delish lunch! Tuna and Spinach Salad with home made pita chips!!!



-1 can Albacore tuna in water


-Sea salt

-Newman’s Own Basil Vinaigrette

Combine all goodies in bowl, mixing well to taste, place on top of 2 cups fresh baby spinach

Pita Chips:

-3 small Whole Foods Organic Pitas (sliced into small triangles)

-Olive Oil

-Sea Salt

-Italian Seasoning

Heat Olive Oil in large “frying” pan, place pita triangles in hot oil and allow to “fry” on each side. Once golden brown remove and plate. Sprinkle Italian Seasoning and Sea Salt while chips are hot! Allow to cool thoroughly and enjoy!!


These little guys were AWESOME! Yay me!

I was so full after this spectacular lunch I needed a nap! As we discussed earlier, I don’t nap LOL.

It was so nice outside that we played in the yard and went to Whole Food’s for weekly supplies. Along the way I snacked on a Myoplex Lite Bar!!


This little bar is a work out to chew and really satisfies the chocolate/sweet cravings!

So that was our day….lazy but much needed! I’m looking forward to tomorrow because Monday mornings are my fave! I have Kick N Abs with the awesome Lea! Come join me!!! 9:30a-10:30a….she will work your butt out!

Wanna come to class for free?!

Go to http://www.fitworldri.com/freeTrial.html and print your coupon today!!!

Print this puppy out and I will see you there!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! Please keep sending those recipes in for the cook book, despite our latest news I still plan on making this dream a reality.

Sweet Dreams!!

Yes please!!! I would love to wrestle this little slice of goodness!

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