Pilates, groceries, and dinner ideas

Good Morning!

Happy Hump Day to all of you working class GGH’ers! I’m hoping that the week is flying by for you and you have fun plans for the weekend. If you’re working here in Rhode Island today, don’t worry you’re not missing anything it’s disgusting outside….really.

This morning I went to Pilates Pump w/Lori at my gym, Fit World, and loved it. It was different than last week’s class and with triple the people in class. We had some newbies, I’m still a newbie I guess, so she did tons of ball and mat work. Lot’s of lengthening and stretching, I can already feel it in my back and rib cage. I think those will be my set class days, Monday Kick N Abs with Lea and Wednesday Pilates Pump with Lori, I LOVE both classes and they are totally different so it gives my body a total work out in two different ways. Doing the same work out everyday is great for maintaining but I NEED this last 30 pounds off like yesterday friends. If you are in the Cranston area or work in Rhode Island you should go check Fit World out! They’re are in the process of building an entirely new gym with cardio theatre, more classes, babysitting, saunas, I think even a juice bar…..WOW! Check out www.fitworldri.comand you can see what the new gym has to offer. They’re doing pre-sell memberships right now! I pay $19.99 a month, full gym and class access plus UNLIMITED tanning! Yea, that’s right $19.99 a month and I’m locked into that rate for 2 years, that’s AMAZING! So go check it out, get a tour, and just sign up!

For breakfast I grabbed a GGH bran-pineapple-walnut muffin, I will share the recipe once I perfect it a little more, and a huge glass of ice water with 2 huge lemon wedges. YUMMY!

So since it’s so crappy out we are going to do our weekly supply run and figure out something for dinner. I think we will run to the Super Walmart so I can stock up on produce. They have a great selection and it’s moderately priced to boot. Not a terribly exciting day, but everyday can’t be exciting now can it?

By the way, I’m loving the recipes you guys are sending in.This cook book is going to be so special, I have my fingers crossed that it turns out like I envision it in my head…..that’s dangerous LOL :).

Keep them coming, and please continue to spread the word. Let’s raise some money!!!

I shall leave you now to go clean up and get ready to go out this afternoon. Have a wonderful day!!

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