Pesto Chicken w/Parmesan Broccoli


First let me say THANK YOU for the recipes, and keep them coming….it’s going to be AWESOME!

Now on with the show….

So I know I told you all about how Zachary wasn’t a Zoo kid, well we went again today and while he’s still not as into Elephants as Harbor Seals we had fun and Ryan was with us this time. Since I had daddy help this time we went with out the stroller….note to self ALWAYS have the stroller when you have a toddler! LOL

We had fun though, here are some fun pics!







I loved this little Red Panda….I wanted to take him home.

After the Zoo, it was sooooo hot, we came home and played with the water hose and Zachary’s new water table. Then Ryan had to get ready for school so Zachary and I took off to gather a few items for dinner.

I decided to whip a quick and easy chicken dish, Pesto Chicken w/Parmesan Broccoli.

Goodie List:

– 1 package chicken cutlets/tenderloins

– 1 package frozen broccoli

– 1 package McCormick Pesto mix

– Parmesan cheese (grated/crumbled)

First, cook chicken in pre heated skillet coated with EVOO¬†until done and golden brown. Follow instructions on Pesto package and pour over chicken lowering the heat to simmer. If using frozen broccoli, cook according to directions-if fresh steam/cook until done. Add broccoli to chicken/pesto mix and stir together. Shake Parmesan cheese over entire mixture and continue to simmer allowing sauce to thicken. Once sauce has thickened and cheese is “melted”, plate and serve.

This was DELISH! Ryan and I finished the ENTIRE skillet, plus it’s low fat/carb/and calorie!!! Triple threat meal!


Now I am off to go through more recipes! Please continue to spread the word and send in any and all recipes. My family appreciates the support so much.

Sweet Dreams, this is honor of my Father in Law….it’s his FAVORITE cake and I’m modifying it for the cook book!


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