Peace, Love, and Food!

Since I decided to embark on a 30 Day Vegan adventure, I thought it might be nice to have some guest bloggers share their life styles and recipes! I will be blogging later tonight about my FIRST full day of being Vegan, which began today! It’s going well and not as bad as I thought!

My first guest blogger is Kara Lydon! Kara is studying to become an RD!! I love that because I hope to one day achieve my goal of RD-ism in the future. Kara also has her own blog, and I hope you all enjoy her post! So sit back and be prepared to get educated on the life of a Pescetarian.

Hi there!

First of all, let me just say THANK YOU to Girl Gone Healthy for allowing me to share with all of you a little bit about my veg-tastic vegetarian lifestyle. If we want to get technical about it, you can call me a pescetarian (a whaaaat? you’re thinking)…A pescetarian is a vegetarian who chooses to eat seafood. You will learn that there are a number of variations of vegetarians out there, but this type excludes mammals and birds from the diet…ie. we’re talking no red meat and no poultry for this chica! J 

I am extremely proud to say I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now!! Phew, that’s almost half of my life! I decided to exclude meat and poultry from my diet as a ‘pre-teen’ because I was a big animal lover and was exposed to some of the horrors and truths about factory farm conditions at an early age (long story involving my parents taking me to what they thought was a friendly farm…). Anywho, becoming a vegetarian was my first step into becoming interested in food and nutrition because I suddenly had to think more about what I was going to eat and how I was going to get all the protein and vitamins and minerals I needed that I was missing from not eating meat. Now, I am on my way to becoming a registered dietitian, the food and nutrition expert!

Let me just give you a little snapshot of what sort of foods I can’t get enough of and just LOVE as a vegetarian. I’m a huge fan of nuts, especially almonds! I seriously over-eat almonds as I put them in my cereal, oatmeal, trail mix, and slab almond butter on almost anything! I also love me some beans, whether I stick ‘em in pasta, soup, a tortilla, serve it up with some rice, or dabble into hummus, there are so many ways to enjoy beans! Tofu, which is made from coagulated soymilk, is a main staple of my diet and the reason why tofu is super fabulous is because it absorbs the flavor of anything! So you can prepare it a million different ways and never get bored! Lately, I’ve also dabbled with tempeh, which is made from fermented soybeans. The texture takes a little getting used to but the possibilities with tempeh are also endless and it’s a great source of soy protein!

My basic philosophy on food that I try and live by:

  1. Don’t eat anything you don’t like the taste of, even if it’s super crazy healthy. For example, cucumbers and I will just never get along.
  2. Try and incorporate as many whole foods as possible into your diet, we’re talking unprocessed, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.
  3. Buy local whenever possible! It’s better for you and the environment!
  4. Take your time to eat, savor what you’re eating, and make it a social event (social not meaning you and your T.V!).
  5. If going vegetarian is not for you (which is totally fine!), try and choose grass-fed, free-range beef, free-range chicken, and wild-caught fish. It’s healthier for you, the animals, and again, better for our environment!

Choose a food philosophy that feels right for you and your lifestyle. One philosophy does not fit all! If you’re interested in trying some vegetarian and vegan recipes, feel free to check out my blog at! My favorite recipes that I’ve tried so far are roasted tofu with sautéed apples, southwestern-stuffed acorn squash, and perfect for the summer, a tofu and sesame noodle salad Good luck to Girl Gone Healthy and any of her followers who are trying a vegetarian/vegan diet! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or check out to learn more!

 Peace, love, and Food,


Thanks again Kara! Tune in TONIGHT to find out what my first day as a Vegan was like!!!

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