Patriots Training Camp & Dear Tera

Good Evening!

We had a blast today! I had the great idea of visiting Patriot Place, one of our fave spots, and as luck would have it today was Patriot’s Training Camp! I’m so NOT a Patriots fan, but I am a HUGE NFL/Football fan! I become a boy when it comes to Football season, I make my Daddy’s and Grandaddy proud LOL. Being the sneakster that I am I finagled my way in to some of the VIP areas and we got right onto the field area to check out the guys!

Super fun and super HOT!

Now, moving on to this week’s Dear Tera segment! I adore being able to do this,please keep your questions coming. As always I will only post your question and not any of your information! Here we go!



Q: Did you gradually work into eating healthy/Organic/Vegan/Vegetarian type foods or did you go cold turkey?

A: I actually went cold turkey! No kidding! I had been gradually doing everything for years so for me personally enough was enough and I just did it. However, each case is different so for some doing it gradually is OK. Start slow like cutting soda or coffee, limit yourself to one dessert a week, don’t eat out every night or bring your lunch to work. These are all small tools that can aid you in beginning your journey.

Q: Do you take supplements/vitamins?

A: Not really, well maybe like twice a week, but I get everything I need from the Amazing Grass and the massive amounts of fruits and veggies I consume. I don’t discourage taking vitamins at all, I actually should take them daily, my stomach just doesn’t accept them. Not even the coated one’s. But they are not a hindrance to your diet at all.

Q: Which Amazing Grass or Amazing Meal do you prefer, and does the Spinach taste fade or is it prominent?

A:OK I know this sounds cheesey but I LOVE the entire Amazing Grass/Meal line. Not just because I’m an affiliate but because it tastes good and works! I personally enjoy the Chocolate Infusion in both the Meal and Grass. Don’t be afraid of the Spinach friends! Start slow and find the mix you like. Experiment with different fruits and by all means veggies. I know a few GGH’ers actually use carrots in their shakes!

Q: Do you train/work out 7 days a week?

A: NOPE! To be honest in the beginning I worked out 7 days a week sometimes 3 times a day. I was obsessed and I was killing myself. I was such a grump and starving. It took me a few weeks to realize that it was OK to eat and working out 5 to 6 days a week once a day is fine. I just make sure that the work out that I do is an actual WORK OUT! You need to change it up, sweat, and get your heart rate up. It could be a 15 minute work out or an hour depending on your fitness level, but you have to SWEAT!

Allrighty! That was the bulk of questions for the week. I try to take all of the questions and smoosh them together to hopefully answer everyone at once! Please keep commenting and sending them in.

Have a good night!

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