Oh What A Night…..

Good Morning!

Sorry about leaving you hanging last night friends! We didn’t get home until after 11:30 and I was super tired. I love date night, but Zachary definitely doesn’t let mommy sleep in the morning after date night.


Anyhow, we went for a bite to eat at Texas Roadhouse which is in the same plaza as the theater. I LOVE Texas Roadhouse. They have AMAZING rolls and the steaks are always so yummy. Since I ate so well during the day I let myself indulge. I enjoyed a hot out of the oven roll with a little of their cinnamon honey butter…..mmmmm…..and I had a nice $1.99 10 ounce frozen margarita. So yummy! For dinner Ryan had the pulled pork sandwich, minus the bread, and fresh steamed veggies subbed for fries. I usually get the petite steak and a salad, but I was craving their Caesar salad. Here’s the way to enjoy a Caesar salad without the fatty Caesar dressing….order it with whatever vinaigrette or fat free dressing the restaurant has, and ask for it on the side. Caesar dressing is soooooo “bad” for you, fattening, and high in calories. www.nutriondata.com Caesar dressing facts: CALORIES-1,274, FAT-136g, CARBS-8g, and SAT FAT- 21g…….that’s for ONE CUP! They always “drizzle” so much dressing on salads so you know you’re getting more than one cup. YOWZA.  I apologize for the lighting in the pics friends, I used the good ‘ole iPhone camera.

rolls (2)

margarita (2)

tera plate (2)

ryan plate (2)

So I will step off of my Caesar soap box now 🙂

After our yummy dinner we raced over to the theater. I LOVE previews and I hate missing them so I was rushing us along. The movie was so cute! I loved Sandra Bullock’s character Margaret Tate. She played the “villain” role so well, and Margaret was the perfect modern day “woman in power” villain. From and amazing Central Park West NYC apartment to FABU clothes and I counted about 4 different pairs of Christian Louboutin heels…….YUMMMY! She was great and Ryan Reynolds……enough said :). All in all it was a really nice night.

We are having horrible stormy weather this morning, our neighbor’s side walk is completely submerged and the water is flowing super quick. No outdoor work outs for today :(. I think I’m going to put some miles in on the bike while Zachary naps, that way I can watch whatever I want on TV :). For breakfast I’m going to have a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Monster.

I will use:

-1 1/2 cups Light Soy Milk

-1 1/2 cups Fresh Spinach

-1 package frozen Strawberries

-1 scoop Amazing Grass in chocolate

Super delish! I will be back this afternoon with a lunch update as well as anything exciting that happens!

Happy Thursday!

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  • we’re not lucky enough to have a whole foods around here. so, could you tell me what exactly is the amazing grass? maybe i can find something similar…..

    thanks, julie

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