Oh Geek Squad…..

Well Hello World!

I apologize 1,000 times for totally being MIA all day! I dropped my lap top off at Geek Squad to have it cleaned up and it took about 4 hours longer than it should have because they forgot to get to it…….I’ll totally be going there again…..NOT!

Anyway, so I believe we left off yesterday with date night on the menu!! We did get to finally go to Eleven Forty Nine and it was well worth the wait. It was AMAZING! From the valet to the decor…..perfect. Moderately priced, awesome portions, not loud it was right up there with all of the restaurants we dined at in Las Vegas. If you are able to dine there….GO! NOW!

Here’s what we nibbled:

Point Judith Calamari with Pepper Relish & Chipotle Mayo

I had the Statler Chicken, which was free range grilled chicken breast with a Jack Daniels reduction, Red Bliss Potato, and Grilled Asparagus……Out of this world FANTASTIC!

Ryan enjoyed the Chicken Parmesan and Linguine…..it was HUGE

Neither of us could finish our dinners…..perfect portions. We also munched wheat cranberry rolls with sweet cream butter……Oh Yea…..

For drinks Ryan enjoyed a Stella Beer and I had the world’s most perfect Blueberry Martini!!

This dinner was right up there in the Top 3 best dinners ever!

We decided to skip the movie and just enjoyed eating slowly and taking in the atmosphere.

So for this morning…..just to catch up…..we put in the usual 2 miles at the track, followed by a quick “monster”.

This morning I just poured a package of the Pomegranate Mango Amazing Meal into a huge bottle of water, shook and ran. I had so many errands to run, that I needed to eat on the go. It was actually filling and pretty tasty.

For lunch I grabbed a small spinach salad with tuna and roasted garlic hummus and for training, on top of the miles, I did 100 crunches on the ball.

Tonight I think Ryan and I are gonna do a run a piece and I will be doing 100 more crunches!! Not sure what dinner will bring, I’m not very hungry today. Must be from running around all day. I again apologize for being MIA!!! Next time you see a geek squad car, honk at them angrily LOL!

I hope everyone had a Terrific Tuesday! Oh and don’t forget to order your Amazing Grass SOON! Click on the picture to the right, and type HEALTHY in the coupon section at check out! Make sure you go through the site so the coupon works!!!

Healthy Wishes!!!

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