October Oblique Challenge

Happy 1st Day of October!!! Ah Fall, Autumn…. whatever you want to call it. Cooler weather, blue jeans, cozy sweaters…. you probably think this is the time to hide those last few pounds you may have put ON at the end of Summer or that you might not have been able to take OFF, well you’re WRONG!! We aren’t bears this isn’t time to gorge on food, stock pile for the winter and nap.



This is the time to keep moving towards those goals, keep on plan, and once Spring comes emerge with our bodies ready to go! So I think we should kick things off with a little Fit Challenge and what better body part than the tummy! Details are below, please share,  Pin, Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram this post to get all of your friends and family in on the fun! You may do the Challenge as many days as you like but it must be done AT LEAST 3 DAYS A WEEK, you can do 3 days right?! YES YOU CAN!! Feel free to add this into your regular work out routine, on top of your regular work out, do it on rest days etc…. have fun and let’s Obliterate those Obliques!!

http://girlgonehealthy.com/october-oblique-challenge/Picture below shows examples of the moves listed above!



Don’t forget to share the Challenge and Have Fun!

Healthy Wishes, T

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