Evening Friends!

I’m not going to post anything new because I really feel like there is someone out there who needs the message from this morning’s post. Sometimes you don’t realize that what you’re looking for is what someone else has already found. If you are that person and you stumbled on to the post and were able to receive something positive out of it, or some type of encouragement that’s AWESOME!

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL weekend! I will leave you with today’s eats and training!


Roasted Zucchini w/ a Boca Patty


Monster Shake- 1 banana, 1 scoop Choco Grass, 1 cup Light Soy Milk, and 1 cup Fresh Spinach


-2 miles at the park

-100 crunches on the ball

-5 miles on the bike

1 thought on “Nothing….”

  • Again as always enjoy reading your daily blogs of event for the day. I am extremely proud of the way you taken this website and in just a short time grown it. The words of encouragement and hope you express seem to go a long way for all. As you say sometime you just have to wonder why not eat that donut and when you do you wonder why. To me it was to quit smoking( to this day I still could lit one up) But I have not had a smoke since September 2000. It is just one day at a time to change the way you look or alter the way you think about something. Sooner our later you catch yourself wondering how you could have every got to the point your at, and just how can we change to something else. You realized early that there is always someone out there with this easy quick way to change our looks and daily life style. Like you suggested these are personal goals and only each person knows what they want and really need.
    Well enough rambling from me, I really like the pictures you include of my Z-man, Ryan and all the other places and items in each blog. Well enough for now, remember I’m real proud of the way you taken charge of your life and the ones in it.
    Note: from a person that worrys himself to the point of illness whenever there is a hurricane or tropical storm in Atlantic ocean much less the gulf of mexico.
    If you can’t effect the outcome or it doesn’t effect you or yours don’t stress or worry. If you can’t control it don’t worry about it.

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