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I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. I know I did! Quick little weekend dish, shopping on Friday with my little man and my MIL, Saturday lazy, Sunday brunch at my fave spot-Eleven Forty Nine-with my wonderful hubby, Zac, my MIL, my bro in law Rich and his almost wife Nicole, and her parents. It was a splendid brunch and super tasty. I did NOT take pictures as I tend to lay off the food porn pics when the fam is around. I think they still think it’s weird LOL. However, I did really enjoy it and I really enjoyed my Peach Sangria!

And here’s a shot of my little sunshine!

So I’m still on my Vegan Adventure, half way done as matter of fact! And I received some really great tips as far as Vegan friendly places for dining out. As many of you know I LOVE Thayer Street on the East Side of Providence, and I’m a huge fan of trying new foodie spots. I was given the name of a Vegan friendly pizza place called Nice Slice. Now I have lived in Rhode Island for 8 years, and 3 of those years were right in the heart of Providence. If ever I craved pizza I either went to Federal Hill or to Antonio’s on Thayer Street. I pretty much stalked Antonio’s when I moved here. I was a tad skeptical of what Vegan pizza may have to offer, but to my absolute DELIGHT it knocked Antonio’s off of my map! Nice Slice is by far the BEST pizza ever! If you had handed me the slice and not told me it was Vegan I would have never known. It was the perfect thin crust, and I usually don’t like thin crust, perfect sauce, perfect amount of veggies and the Vegan sausage was INSANE! It was spicy, it was sweet, and it was perfectly warm. I had the hubby along for the ride and he is literally Mr. Anti Pizza. He is sooooooo picky and he gobbled his non Vegan slices up before I could even get a pic! He enjoyed a Buffalo Chicken slice and a Roma Tomato and Summer Squash slice. I have never seen him inhale pizza before or say mmmmmmm as he ate. So the pizza was outrageous, but what about the staff? SUPER SERVICE!!! they were eager to answer any of my questions, totatlly cool about me snapping pics, and they even got my attention when a fresh Vegan friendly pizza came out of the hot brick oven! This isn’t just a college hang out either. We had Zac with us, there were kids popping in after school, artists, and everyone in between! Nice Slice is serving up way more than incredible pizza, they’re serving up FOODIE HEAVEN! Now onto the food porn!

I snagged a shot of the Vegan menu! Which I thought was pretty sweet.

My pizza-red sauce, onions, green peppers, and Vegan sausage!

I just thought the graffiti sign was fun!

And here’s the mini take home menu!

Fresh Vegan Pizza!

So if you’re in the area and in the mood for pizza, Vegan or not, stop by Nice Slice and tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya!

I’m off to start my 1st read of the Summer by one of my FAVE authors, Jen Lancaster!

Bitter is the New Black! If you remember last Summer I read Such A Pretty Fat and LOVED it! I can’t wait to dive into this one and maybe munch on a little So Delicious Turtle Trails!

Yea go ahead, lick the monitor it’s THAT GOOD! And it’s DAIRY FREE!!!!!

Tune in tomorrow for some new recipes, new work outs, and as always fun! Have a great night friends!


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