New Clothes

As anyone who is on a weight loss journey knows clothes can be your worst enemy.

Whether you’re down 2 sizes or 12 some where along the way you have to purge your closet and purchase clothes that actually fit. For some this may not seem like a big deal, maybe even fun to go shopping for a new wardrobe. But for others it can be stressful and the money it takes to keep up with your new body isn’t always avilable.

I can’t tell you how many times in the beginning of my journey that I would belt things (using the hubby’s belt) wear things to big and wash items a million times on hot and dry on cotton high in hopes that it would shrink to the appropriate size. And sometimes you’re only in your new size for a short amount of time so buying clothes in that size is such a waste of money.

So what do you do? Wear your size 24 clothes while your a size 12? Win the Power Ball and purchase a new wardrobe for every size? OR you could check out The Great Clothing Exchange!!!

From jeans to ballet flats, Anda has you covered! And the great thing is this isn’t limited to Plus sizes!!! That’s right gals, those of us who are close to our goal sizes there’s clothes for us too!!! I’m currently a 12 looking to be an 8 to 10, so GCX is incentive for me to get out of the 12’s and pass them along to someone else to enjoy. Participating is so easy and it’s the cheapest way to “shop” I’ve ever seen! So pop on over and tell them Tera from GGH sent ya!

I also wanted to share this quick and easy chicken that you can use in a million different ways!

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

3 to 4 nice sized boneless chicken breast, place into cooking dish and pour vinaigrette over the top, bake at 375 for 45 minutes or until chicken is done. Slice up and use in wraps on salads or just as a quick snack!!! It’s my new obsession, love it. Check out the YUMMO lunch I made today!

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken over Whole Wheat Pasta Roma Tomato and Gorgonzola Crumbles

And don’t forget to check out and subscribe to my You Tube channel for more quick and easy recipes!

Healthy Wishes, Tera

Coffee for a Cause is BACK!!! Raising money and awareness for Autism!!!

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