Nature’s Bakery | Review

Nature’s Bakery | Review

Growing up one of my favorite snacks was a Fig Newton, and the commercials were great….

“A cookie is a cookie, but Newton’s are fruited cake!”

Yea you just got nostalgic….. but snap out of it Fig Newtons aren’t exactly the best “snack” when it comes to healthy eating or trying to lose weight. But everyone does love a little fruited cake ;-).

Enter Nature’s Bakery!

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars give you all the natural, kosher, cholesterol-free fuel you need to help power life’s great journeys. Nature’s Bakery fig bars were created for the extreme athlete or weekend warrior, a mom on a power walk, or a kid on the go.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars were the perfect Pre and Post Run fuel for me! I LOVED the Apple Cinnamon, the Lemon, and of course the good ol’ “regular” fig. The hubby enjoyed zapping the Blueberry Bars in the microwave for 5 seconds and using them as a Healthy Breakfast during his AM commute and Zac loved having them as a surprise in his lunchbox! would you like to get in on the Fig Fun?!! Check it out!! Join the Nature’s Bakery Fig Fanatics program and you could win a pack of fig bars! Click here to Join: Link to Fig Fanatic’s Program

For more info, flavors, and #FigLove visit: Nature’s Bakery Website

Now go get FIGGY with it!!

Healthy Wishes, T

*****This post was created in partnership with Nature’s Bakery. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*****


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