My 1st Healthy Vacation

HOWDY!!! I apologize for being away for so long but I just returned from a 10 day vacation with my family in TEXAS!!

Texas Vacay

 This vacation was special for a few reasons, the first being that I haven’t been home since 2008!!! I have family that had only seen my adorable Zac one time when he was 4 months old! Crazy right?! Another reason this was a special trip was on a more personal level for me. The last time we visited in 2008 I was 270 pounds….. I hadn’t begun my healthy journey and I ate EVERYTHING I could get my hands on and then some! My husband was also still heavy and hadn’t started on his own journey to health…..we were quite the pair ;-).


Before my trip I had to take time to remind myself why this trip was going to be different and why I needed to have a plan. You see I had never vacationed “healthy”. I had always eaten whatever I wanted in disgusting amounts, enjoyed several drinks, indulged in dessert, fast food, and working out was the FARTHEST thing from my mind…. Hell I didn’t work out when I wasn’t on vacation so why I would work out ON vacation?

As I began getting the suitcases out and making lists of what we would need to bring the 2 items on the top of my list were my Polar and my New Balance 630’s….. I’m gonna let that sink in because I still can’t believe it! In the 20 years I spent living and growing up in my home state of Texas not ONCE did I ever run for enjoyment or exercise, not once. But one of the things I was looking forward to most was running by the water near our hotel, and now at 32 years old I couldn’t wait.

But packing work out gear and running shoes is the easy part, the hard part was keeping that excitement to run and be active and even harder than that was saying NO to some amazing food that I certainly can’t get here in Rhode Island. That was the plan I had to put into place and I had to be sure to stick with.  I decided that writing down the foods that I would WANT to indulge in most might help, and then maybe that would help me understand  why I would want them. I knew I needed access to my favorite healthy snacks and make a list of what I would need to pack and figure out where I could pick up items that weren’t able to be packed. I still needed to eat as I do here, meaning breakfast- lunch-snack-dinner and be as active as possible even if that meant not getting in a run or having access to a gym…… it really was a lot to think about, and to be honest scared the HELL out of me. I lost 21 pounds from the beginning of June through July 25th, the day I stepped on the plane, and was I really going to let all of that hard work slip away with Jack in the Box, Whataburger, Pecan Pie, and Sonic? It sure was tempting……. and did I indulge a little? YOU BET! Did I run everyday like I swore I would? Nope only twice but we did activities that called for walking and we took family walks every night to sight see and enjoy the warm Summer weather. Did I have alcohol? YEP I love craft beer and haven’t had it but one time since May 28th and there was no way I was going to pass up a wide variety of Abita beer…. but I limited myself to 1 beer each time and then followed that with water where as before I would’ve had 3 or 4 and no water. And as for the food….. I kept it clean for about 90% of the time which was probably what I was most proud of and I didn’t even indulge on half the items I had written on my list.

But what about the scale? Were my few indulgences and lack of gym sessions coupled with copious amounts of relaxation and down time with my family going to make me see a number I didn’t want to? I’m proud to say that my first morning back here in Rhode Island I stepped on the scale and only gained 1 pound during my 10 days away! All in all I think this was a successful and healthy vacation.

The girl who went to Texas in 2008 is no more…… the healthier me had more fun anyway ;-).

Healthy Wishes, T

I want to know if you’ve vacationed since making a lifestyle change!! Tell me about your first vacation as a new you in the comments below!



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  • Amazing!!!! Having fun on vacation is a must… But I always remember I have to come home to my life. I love researching cool places to run near my vacation spot and that keeps me motivated to get the workouts in everyday!

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