Muscle Up Monday: Nike Training Club

As much as I would love for you all to think I live at the gym and can make it there 2 to 4 days a week that’s just not true. I work 6 days a week, I’m a mom and a wife, I have a home to run and my work actually happens long after I’ve left my client’s businesses. So with that I have to continue to find ways to get my work out in no matter the time of day, the weather, and it has to be do-able with Zac in the house.

So where did you turn when you know you NEED to work out but can’t get to the gym or head outside? For me I don’t like a whole lotta fuss and muss and having to get a bunch of equipment etc etc if I’m at home and not at the gym it;s because I’m in a time crunch. I turn to my trusty Nike Training Club app on my iPhone!

I love this app and it’s creativity, variety of work outs, and the video tutorials they provide if you are unsure as to how to execute the move…. oh and it’s FREE!


It allows YOU to be in control, you choose your work out and it’s level. The app keeps track of your progress, it rewards you, and gives you the opportunity to share your workouts and find friends to play Nike Tag with.

My personal favorite……. AB Burner


The app talks you through each move, counts it down for you, tells you when to rest, and you choose your music play list from your own music library. I highly suggest you down load this app and get started ASAP!! You wont be sorry!!

I wanna know: What’s your favorite at home/indoor work out?

Healthy Wishes, T

11 thoughts on “Muscle Up Monday: Nike Training Club”

  • Ok see this is why I need someone to hold my hand figuring out apps on my new iPhone. I just got one and this is so up my alley! Thank you for sharing! ps. my fave workout is Physique 57 b/c it really works you out and sculpts my body how I like. Really amazing!

  • You are so inspiring! For me, I try to do a Rodney Yee 20 minute yoga routine each morning (doesn’t always work out!). I’ve begun running again after an injury and PT (not from actually running Marine Corps Marathon, but some time during the training)… 2 – 4 mile runs. I’d like to incorporate some ab work and an intrigued with the Nike app. Will try it!

  • I have no motivation to workout at home, to be honest! But this weekend my Boyf & I did an at home CrossFit WOD that we both really enjoyed!

  • Huh! I think I had this app on my phone – hadn’t used it, where is it now? I’m going to go find it and start using it – that’s cool!
    Megan – I’m a yoga girl, too, and recently started getting back into it at home in the mornings. Love it and miss it when I stray!

  • I LOVE yoga! I do at least a 10 minute workout each day, preferably twice a day. It’s easy to do in my living room first thing in the morning and/or while the kiddos are napping 🙂

  • I don’t have a favorite at home workout. I have to admit that I HATE working out at home. Maybe it’s because I am home so much with my kids. But I do love the Nike Training Club app. I saw your post about it the other day and downloaded it. Great tool! Thanks so much! Just found your blog recently and I am really enjoying it. Like you, I am a mother with a house to run and I try to make the right healthy and get fit choices. Thanks for the inspiration!

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