Motivated to Hydrate | Motivational Bottle

Motivated to Hydrate | Motivational Bottle

It’s kind of my “job” as Girl Gone Healthy to tell you to drink water and stay hydrated. Why, you may ask? Well water does so much more for us than quench thirst. When we talk about water weight loss wise and health wise we are breaking ground that far surpasses being thirsty or drinking water after working out, we are talking about a source that actually FUELS our bodies WATER is just as important as FOOD. Check it out:…… I SUCK at drinking water. Like really and truly suck at it. I would totally be fine with getting up, brushing my teeth, taking a swig of water to wash down my vitamins, having my tea and going all day with nothing really……that’s HORRIBLE! What’s worse than that? I tell people to drink water all day long!!!

Meanwhile, I’m over here like the Sahara desert. BUT I have been better and I have been doing at least 3 of these 28 ounce bottles a day everyday….. I present to you the Motivational Bottle!!, it’s AWESOME!!!! This little gem has been the secret to my hydration success and I’m THRILLED to share it with you! From the motivating message on the front, to the time schedule on the back, to the WIDE MOUTH opening (ok for big mouths like me that’s a plus) this bottle is quite possibly the BEST water bottle EVER! (P.S. I have been sent a looooooot of bottles and hands down if anything ever happens to this one I’m gonna be PI$$ED!)

So where do you get one of these? How do you learn more? How can you follow them and become a Motivational Bottle Hydrating Machine like Me?! Look no further:         Website      Instagram @motivationalbottle      Twitter





Now go Like, Follow, Order, and tell them that Girl Gone Healthy sent you!!

Healthy Wishes and Happy Hydrating- T

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