Mother’s Day Falafel

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my GGH momma’s! I hope each of you enjoys this special day and remember that it’s OK to indulge and take a break form the gym or your work out regimen-it’ll be there tomorrow.

The hubby is working all day today so we had a little Mother’s Day celebration yesterday. Zac made me so many beautiful gifts at school and the hubby and I enjoyed a tasty Greek dinner made by moi!

Zac made me a corsage, planted me some pansies in a pot he painted, made me a bracelet, and so many gorgeous crafts!!! I loved it so much!

As I said the hubby and I dined a la Greek style with falafel filled gyros glazed with homemade cucumber sauce and finished everything off with from scratch lemon pound cake and brown butter glazed strawberries!

I bet you’d like the recipes huh?! Oh all right you twisted my arm….here they are!

GGH Falafel inspired by Hannah Marcotti:

1 15 oz can of chickpeas drained, rinsed and patted dry (dry them as much as you can)

1/2 of a large sweet onion

1 whole wheat pita

1 tablespoon minced garlic

dash of sea salt and black pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for frying

Naan bread

In a food processor pulse the dried chick peas until they become a coarse meal, place in large mixing bowl and set aside. Run the onion, pita, and garlic through the food processor until ground (can add a little olive oil if mixture is sticking) and add to the chick pea mixture. Combine everything well but don’t over mix. In a large skillet, pour enough olive oil to coat the bottom and have just a little depth- allow pan to get hot before frying patties.

While pan is getting warm form chick pea mix into patties

Now it’s time to fry! Place patties in skillet and get ready for some outrageous goodness!

Allow patties 2 to 3 minutes on each side so they can become golden brown!

Once done plate your patties and allow them to cool and firm up a bit.

While your patties are frying, warm your oven so that you can heat the naan bread! Once the patties are plated warm the bread, it doesn’t take long and you don’t want it toasted.

Now it’s time to assemble!

Place your naan bread on a flat work surface, top with mixed greens, followed by falafel, and drizzle with cucumber sauce! Fold together and devour!!!! So good!

Cucumber Sauce:

1 6 oz plain Greek yogurt, I used Chobani

1/2 of a large cucumber

dash of sea salt

1 tablespoon of light mayo

pinch or 2 of dried thyme

Combine everything in food processor, pulse until creamy. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes to hour before serving.

Now onto dessert!

I can’t think of a more perfect way to finish off this meal and welcome in the beginning of Summer than enjoying a warm slice of lemon pound cake. This was delightful and had just a hint of lemon.

GGH Light Lemon Pound Cake:

1 1/4 cups Splenda or PureVia

2/3 cup Earth Balance butter

3 eggs

2/3 cups skim milk

1/2 of a large lemon freshly squeezed

2 cups wheat flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp sea salt

In a large bowl cream together all of your wet ingredients. Slowly incorporate all of your dry ingredients mixing until smooth. Pour batter into a well greased loaf pan (I use canola cooking spray to grease) and tap pan until mixture is settled and there are no bubbles. Bake off in 300 degree oven for 1 hour and 25 minutes. Enjoy warm with strawberry glaze or by its self!

Brown Butter Strawberry Glaze:

2 tablespoons Earth Balance butter

4 to 6 strawberries sliced

In a small saute pan allow butter to melt and stir occasionally. Butter will begin to brown, add strawberries and saute until they are warm and soft. Pour over cake.

I hope these delicious meals find their way into your kitchens and recipe books soon.

Happy Mother’s day and Healthy Wishes, T

Oh and I almost forgot!!! A BIG Thank You to my lovely boss Katie for leaving these for me! XO

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