Morning Power Session

One of the things I hear most is “I don’t have time to work out.” Really? I promise if you just take a look at your schedule you can fit this little Power Session in!

Girl Gone Healthy’s Morning Power Session

Morning Power Session

1 set of 10 inclined push up’s
1 set of 10 squats
1 set of 10 alternating toe touches
Run in place/high knees run 1 minute
Light stretching session with meditative breaths to finish


GGHInclinePushUpUsing your bed or counter top, place yourself in an incline position and proceed to lower self-down to surface and then push back up, that is 1 rep. Continue until full down and up motion has been completed, do this for 10 continuous repetitions.





GGHSquatTo get optimal results from a squat you must lower yourself to full squatting positioning. Start with feet shoulder width a part, toes facing forward, reach arms out keeping them level, lower yourself into deep squatting position, rise up and return to starting position- that is one 1 rep. Continue movement until 10 full repetitions have been completed.




GGHToeTouchesStarting with feet a little wider than shoulder width, toes facing forward, core (abdominals) engaged, extend your arms out to side keeping them shoulder level, bending at the waist reach across the body allowing left hand to touch right foot, ride up to starting position, repeat this time bending at the waist reach across the body allowing right hand to touch left foot, that is 1 rep. Continue the movements fluidly until 10 repetitions have been completed.



GGHHighKneesRunRun in place for 1 minute picking knees up into high “marching” motion.






GGHStretchingFinish your session with some light stretching, relieving any tension in specific areas of the body. Take time to breathe deeply in through the nose and exhale fully through the mouth.



Now you’re wide awake and ready to start the day all BEFORE coffee and a shower!

Healthy Wishes, T

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