Morning Miles Are The BEST!

Good Morning Friends!
I love being able to get in a good few miles first thing. I think Mr.Zachary likes getting the miles in as well :).
We hit the park a little later than we usually do, but we saw some fellow walkers that we hadn’t seen in a while! It’s always nice to make new friends! I LOVE going to Brayton Park in Cranston. Each lap around the track is .30, we generally do the 4 laps minimum so we get in 1.20 miles!! It has everything you need too, hills and valleys, great scenery, and TONS of squirrels who provide free entertainment for Zachary :).


After the park I came home to my usual loads of laundry and the dishwasher needing to be unloaded….JOY! As surprising at it may sound I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have any of that to do. If we had a maid I know I would clean before she arrived LOL.

So onto breakfast…..
I made a School Day Flashback Monster, love this shake, SUPER DELISH!
I used:
-2 cups Light Soy Milk
-2 cups Fresh Spinach
-1 Banana
-1 TBSP Skippy Natural PB-CRUNCHY
-1 scoop Amazing Grass in CHOCOLATE
Blend away and enjoy…..sooooooo good.

I’m not sure what we are going to do today. It’s actually sunny out right now and rumor has it’s going to be 78, I’ll believe it when I see it. I will be back later this afternoon to post lunch and hopefully the activity of the day. Happy Tuesday Morning to all!

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