Morning miles, 2 English papers, and it’s HOT!

Good Afternoon Friends!

Sorry I have been MIA, but the hubby actually got up and came to the park with us for miles this morning! He usually takes that time to have the whole bed to himself but he got right up and jumped into our morning routine. We did 1.20 miles, 4 laps, and then played KING of the playground. Again Zachary had the whole place to himself and he was loving showing his Dad what he could do! After we came home the two of them were having so much fun that we played outside in the yard and in the sprinkler!! Zachary also got to help daddy with the classic car this morning too. He was in charge of honking the horn :).

While those two played around outside I was in the kitchen whippin’ up a School Day Flashback Monster Shake!!! YUM-O this is for sure a GGH FAVE!!!! Check the Recipe Box tab to find out what’s inside this DELISH and super filling shake! As I sipped my thick and creamy goodness I finished up Ryan’s final English paper, and now I’m starting on his portfolio and Class Summary paper….YOWZA! I’m hoping to get out and enjoy more of the SUN SHINE once Zachary is up from his nap and has lunch!!

By the way, I posted on Facebook that I wanted to know what YUMMY treats you all nibbled on this past Holiday weekend, and I didn’t get to many responses!!!! SHOCKED! Does that mean you all ate TERRIBLY?!! Leave a comment with any fun cook out eats you enjoy so I can share them with everyone!!!

Happy Monday!

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