Monster Dash

Yesterday was probably a day that will live on in my memory for a long time, forever actually. I have said many times before that growing up I was never a runner. I had every excuse in the book to get out of running, and I continued evolving those excuses well into adulthood. I started running 2 years ago, and while it started out as an occassional thing and something i still wasn’t really enjoying the farther I could go and the more often I actually ran the more I began to kind of like it. Fast forward to now, seven 5k races later and a very grouchy Tera if I DON’T get to run, and here we are. But yesterday was the icing on the cake because you see yesterday Zac, my 5 year old son, ran his first race! Zac and my hubby participated in the Monster Dash Mini Youth 1k in full Captain America gear, and I was the proudest mama in downtown Providence. Check out the video below, and I apologize for my LOUDNESS!

My son is on the Autism Spectrum, for those who don’t know, so let’s just take in what a HUGE deal this is.

1) he’s in full costume

2) it was soooooooooo crowded and loud

3) it was cold

4) he just started running with me over the summer

5) he ran the entire race and was so happy afterwards

6) Zac is the most amazing little boy in the world and he’s my hero

I was so proud, happy, overjoyed, elated, ¬†and even now as I type and think about it my eyes are filled with tears. Something that I hated doing when I was his age is something that makes him feel good, makes him excited, and it’s something we do together and enjoy…..I’m not sure it gets any better.


After Zac’s triumphant race it was my turn to run the Monster Dash 5k, and it was just a weeeeee bit crowded for the first .75 mile or so. The course took us through the heart of downtown Providence and wound it’s way over to Point street and back through that same tight area to finish where we began at the Dunkin Donuts Center. I was a little nervous as I hadn’t run in a few days but despite having to walk, due to lack of space to actually run in, I ran my fastest 5k to date!


I’ll take it! I can’t wait until Zac is old enough to run the 5k’s with me and I’m so thankful that he enjoys it…… secretly I’m thankful because of him I’ll keep running, I’ll do almost anything to make that little boy happy.

Next up Family Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!!! Being the obnoxious Mom I am I just have to share one more photo collage with you……


Healthy Wishes, T


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