Miss Me?

Well hello!!! I have been MIA for an eternity I think! I finally met my match and it was in the form of the world’s worst upper respiratory infection. Friends, I have never been so sick….NEVER!!!

But I’m well now and ready for the Holidays….I think ;).

I’m so proud of all of you for carrying on with 4 weeks of Fabulous while I was laying on the couch hacking up a lung being your extremly fearless leader LOL! Let’s catch up with this week’s assignment and then you’re in for a special treat!

Week of Monday Dec 20th: Weigh In, log in your journal a minimum of once, check in with Tera at least once, make contact with your accountability partner and update them. CHALLENGE: Wear something totally out of the box to work, school, a party etc.. This is the week of Christmas so you’ll be quite busy! This will be the best time to jazz yourself up a bit and really put yourself out there! GO FOR IT!

I absolutely LOVE when I ask for guest writer’s and you guys come through! We have a wonderful post from Kate that I can’t wait to share! It’s all about TIME which you all need to remember this week!!! Enjoy, and thanks Kate! (P.S. Sounds like Kate has been doing some major GGH note taking!!!)


Hi my name is Kate Greene. I’m a 25 year old single gal, living and working in Nashville. I have been striving to be healthy (off and on) for more than a year. As many people know, it’s a tough road to be on. Over the past few months, I’ve taken off 23 pounds with a completely new approach to being healthy. When starting a new program, I would always follow great for a few weeks, then give up. Something would move me off track or work would take a turn for the stressful. This time around, I’ve been really paying attention to the little triggers in my life. It is amazing what you will find when you look at yourself. Stress eating is the biggest thing I deal with each day. I never realized that being busy in my life and at work made me eat bad. After some excuses, I would be off track and then on that downward spiral. 

 With the holidays within days, I’ve come up with some ways to deal with stress, holiday overeating and tips about eating on the road. Some of these won’t apply to you, but hopefully you can take away something!

Stress Beaters: Whether at home or at your relatives’ house, here are a few tips to help with stress. 

1. Call a friend or family member – Lots of people are off work during the holidays so when you are mixing up sweets or being tempted by the cookie jar, give a holiday shout to a buddy or relative who can’t make it home. By concentrating on the call and what your friend is talking about, you will instantly calm down and get your mind off the temptations!

2. Exercise – In the past when I would get overwhelmed with my to-do list, I would eat to calm myself. These days, I choose to take a walk. Just a few minutes of moving will help clear your mind and give you a few minutes to organize your thoughts. 

3. Take a bath – The bathtub can be your relaxation station. Candles, bubbles or just some lavender epsom salts can really get your mind relaxed. 

4. Plan a “me” activity – There are 24 hours in a day. You can take time for a manicure, pedicure or even just a quick polish change. You can even take a few minutes to download a couple of songs on iTunes that you’ve been meaning to download. If YOU aren’t happy, it shows in your work and attitude. 

5. Remember the reason for celebrating – 

Holiday Overeating: This can be tough, but remember to stay strong!

1. Water water water! – It is simple to carry a reusable water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. The water can keep your body functioning more normally, thus lead you to make better choices. I even take a few minutes to drink a glass of water before meals to curb my hunger. 

2. Communication – Over Thanksgiving, I was vocal with my family about me trying to be healthier. Even though my mom’s broccoli casserole was front and center for the Thanksgiving dinner, there were other things that were different. Salad, green vegetables and healthy snacks were all over the celebration. My mom even wanted me to email her a list of groceries that I needed in the house so I could stay on track. If people know you are trying, they aren’t going to sabotage you. Just tell people your plans and you’ll be amazed at the results!

3. Stay busy or far away – My biggest downfall during the holidays is dipping into the dips and appetizers. Before dinner, my family munches on chips, dips and some high fat stuff. Instead of sitting by that cheese dip, I head to the kitchen to fill the drinks, set the table or even entertain the men by the grill. If you can’t stay busy helping, stay away from the munchies! Those dips and cheese and sour cream can really rack up the calories! Sit on the other side of the room or push the dip away to keep it out of your reach. 

4. Pick your treats – Sometimes I find myself snacking on some sugar cookies and cake, when what my favorite holiday treat is brownies. So take your pick. If you are going to have your favorite thing for dinner, don’t fill up on fattening things all day. Some people pick one a day during the holidays. That way, you can eat healthy and get a taste of that favorite treat. 

5. Eat before the party – If you are starving before you go to a party, EAT BEFORE YOU GO. I know myself well enough when I’m hungry. I’ll eat more at a holiday party if I’m dying to eat. So pack a snack for the drive over or eat before you leave home. 

6. Liquid calories – The holidays are full of drinking and of course, it’s fun to have some cocktails. But remember these drinks have calories and if you get ‘over-served,’ you might indulge in more treats. I love to have a flute of champagne or even offer to be the designated driver. That way you can save your waist and keep others safe!

Eating on the Road: Skip that fast food!

1. Plan ahead – If you are hitting the road over the holidays, plan ahead! I have a 6 hour drive so I pack plenty of healthy snacks, bottles of water and some light meal options. String cheese and snack packs will easily fit in a bag and will keep you from splurging at the gas station. 

2. Study – If you know that you are going to stop at a fast food restaurant on your trip, study up on the menus. Are there low-fat options? Grilled? Being aware of the options you have available will help you make better choices. You can look online at CalorieKing.com and some places even offer nutritional info by request. 

3. Make your voice heard – When I’m riding in the car somewhere with people and everyone agrees on a place to eat, it use to be hard for me to disagree. If greasy food is all the restaurant serves, make a suggestion for another place. Don’t feel bad about voicing what you want. 

4. Two is better than one – If #3 doesn’t work, let your friends/family eat where they want, only if they allow you to stop at your place of choice. I’m not ashamed to bring a Subway sandwich into the grease pit. You have to make smart choices and stick with them no matter what! 

5. Stretch – This isn’t a food tip, but while on the road, make sure to stretch and walk around during bathroom/gas breaks. Keeping the blood flowing will keep you more alert and less likely to get tired and lazy on your choices. 

Hopefully you will be able to digest some of these tips for the upcoming holidays. Don’t completely cut yourself off from the things you love or you’ll end up bingeing in the end. Little steps lead to big changes! Water, rest and good choices. That’ll keep you from the HOLIDAY 10! Happy holidays!!

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