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This month I was honored to be asked to be involved in Me You Health’s Small Actions Blogger Challenge!

MeYou Health Daily Challenge

Who is Me You Health?

MeYou Health is a well-being company dedicated to engaging, educating and empowering people to pursue, achieve and maintain a healthy life. Our products help people effectively engage their social networks for support, while creating fun Web and mobile experiences that encourage people to become mindful of the small actions they can accomplish every day. Located in Boston’s historic South End, MeYou Health was founded in 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healthways, Inc (Nasdaq: HWAY). from

The Challenge was 7 days long andĀ consisted of daily “challenges” sent to me via email. The awesome thing about these “challenges” is they werent hard and they were beneficial both mentally and physically. Below areĀ  some examples of the Challenges:

Punch the air in front of you, switching arms, for 30 seconds; take a break and do it once more.

Gather what you’ll need to drink a glass of water first thing tomorrow morning.

Eat 1 food with folate or folic acid, like dark, leafy veggies; citrus fruit; or fortified cereal.

Smile at 3 people today.

Pretty easy right?! The challenges were sent to my email every morning and once completed I was able to post my accomplishment and share it with the Me You Health community and on Facebook. You can also connect with other Challengers and invite your Facebook friends to be well too!!

I’m still doing the Challenges and I love it, they give me something to feel good about first thing in the morning. They also have iPhone apps and other awesome ways to assist you in being healthy inside and out!

So join me and get your Daily Challenge on!

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