Marvelous May

You’ve no doubt heard of Flash Mobs……

and maybe you’ve even heard of Cash Mobs

But for my Marvelous (Mahhhhhhhhvelous) May Challenge I’ll be doing a Flashy Healthy Mob! (Insert Jazz Hands and jazzy music here)

Flashy Healthy Mob….yea

So what does a Flashy Healthy Mob entail you ask? Well it’s super fun and super easy. Everyday, always at a different time, I will post a random healthy activity for you to complete. The challenge will begin TODAY 5/3/12 and end on 5/31/12 and each task will involve a health or fitness related activity. The purpose of doing the Challenge this way is for each participant to have a chance to have to step out of their comfort zone. We will be doing weight lifting, strength training, endurance….it’s gonna be fun! Who ever completes EVERY SINGLE challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a super duper super flashy prize. I’m not going to tell you the prize because being elusive makes it more intriguing.

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

Follow me on Twitter: @girlgonehealthy

“Like” me on Facebook:!/pages/Girl-Gone-Healthy/96848354322

and send a picture of you participating in or completing the daily task. You can either Twitpic or post it to Girl Gone Healthy’s Facebook wall.

For extra entries into the prize drawing you can:

Tweet: I’m getting Marvelous this May with @girlgonehealthy’s Flashy Healthy Mob #FHM

or make the Challenge your Facebook status: I’m getting Marvelous this May with Girl Gone Healthy’s Flashy Healthy Mob (and include the link to this post)

Please be sure to comment below with any extra entry work you’ve put in.

So who’s ready for your FIRST task?!!!!!

Day 1: 100 crunches and 5 push ups

Ready. Set. Get Flashy!!!

Healthy Wishes, T


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