Manic Monday

I think today was Manic Monday for everyone! I’m not sure if it’s because the sun was shining all day here and 50 degrees or maybe because school vacation was last week and everyone was catching up, but it was B-U-S-Y everywhere today.

My morning began at 8am¬†with a barrage of tests which included a 12 hour fast…..yea that’s super fun. By the time I was finished I felt more exhausted than when I go to the gym. But no rest for the weary! Once Zac was napping I made tons of phone calls, made more doctor’s appointments, finished up his Birthday party invites, answered emails, and munched on a bowl of Kashi Heart Healthy with Light Vanilla Soy Milk. For some reason after I have blood work I have no appetite.

May seem like not much of a lunch, but it hit the spot. After nap time it was errand time. We hit Lowe’s, Home Depot, Toys R Us, and Trader Joe’s for some FOOD! Then it was snack time for everyone. I whipped up Peanut Butter Banana Tacos while we unloaded all of our goodies.

-1 whole wheat pita warmed

-1 tablespoon pb

-1/2 banana sliced

Spread pb on pita, add banana and fold! PB Banana Taco!

The hubby’s vacation is over so it was back to class for tonight. That left Zac and I to make dinner!

Zac playing with the oven mitt’s!

On tonight’s menu: Stuffed Salmon, Hodgepodge Veggies, Mixed Green Salad w/toasted Pita!

I’m not even going to pretend that I stuffed the salmon myself LOL. I found these little babies at Trader Joes! 190 cals per patty, 5 grams of fat, 3 carbs…..YES PLEASE! The Hodgepodge Veggies were also a la Trader Joe’s from the frozen steam in bag section. And my the salad and pita, well I did make that! Great meal, quick easy, and it looks wonderful. Even when you’re exhausted it’s still easy to find tasty and nutritious meals.

I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow for ZUMBA! So excited, especially since I missed last week due to vacation in Atlantic City. I think I’ll sign off now and get into BED! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! Spring is coming so it’s the perfect time to start anew! Eat clean, work out, and drink that water! Until tomorrow…..XO

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