Making Peace

After yesterday’s post “Movement” I literally felt lighter. For the first time I feel like a weight has been lifted, like I made peace with my self a little, and like I can continue my never ending journey of living a healthy life style.

I was also happy to receive emails, Tweets and Facebook comments in regards to this Movement and how so many of you needed this just a much as me.

One story in particular I’d like to share with you is Cyndi from RunRollRepeat 

Her latest post Beautiful Inside and Out is about her joining my self love movement but also talks about “the voices” all of us face each and every day.

Read her post here:

Photo by Cyndi, how ADORABLE is she?! She never takles a bad pic, EVER!

I encourage all of you to join me in this movement in discovering how amazing we really are!

Healthy and BEAUTIFUL Wishes, Tera

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