Magazines, Promo Spots, and Autism

Well hello there!

So sorry I have been on hiatus but March has just whizzed right by! From Zac turning 3 to working crazy hours to doing promo shoots for The Rhode Show I just haven’t stopped!

And I love being this busy!!! I have also been lucky enough to connect with some pretty amazing people over the past couple of months, check out my stylist for my FIRST magazine photo shoot- Jill Marinelli! Jill is also the Stylist for The Rhode show as well as one of the amazing women heading up Dress for Success Rhode Island, which I will be attending. Watch for my issue of FIRST magazine on stands April 4 2011!

But I haven’t just been focusing on my media career ;), I have also been celebrating Zachary’s transition from The Groden Center into full blow pre-school 5 days a week 2 and 1/2 hours a day! He is doing a SUPER job in adjusting to his new schedule and he’s really enjoying making new friends and learning new things. While he still has an Autism Spectrum Dis Order diagnosis and is mostly non verbal, his typical 3 year old tendencies are slowly emerging and we are seeing more and more improvements. While we are on the subject I would like to take a minute to remind everyone that the 9th Annual Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day for Autism is just around the corner!

If you find it in your heart to donate and support Team Zac Attack please visit to make your tax deductible donation! Even $1 is AWESOME! Pledges collected for the Imagine Walk help fund programs and services for children with autism and their families.  Additionally, we are offering a community challenge to give educators, families, and organizations the ability to be proactive and earn free training for local educators in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Meeting our children’s unique needs and helping them to reach their full potential requires professional development that school budgets cannot afford to give their educators.  Our community challenge offers the chance to obtain specialized autism training and serves to empower those willing to go the extra mile to give our children the brightest futures imaginable.

In addition to making a donation via the FirstGiving page you can also visit and any purchases made will aid in Autism Awareness fundraising! Check out the Autism warmer for $35!

Piece by Piece Warmer

Adorable!!!! So please shop shop shop for a great cause!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Healthy Wishes, Tera

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