Low Carb Approved Comfort Food

Low Carb Approved Comfort Food


It’s school vacation week here in Lil Rhody which means Zac is home with his sister….translation two kids asking for snacks/food ALL. DAY. LONG.

Here’s a picture of them playing a game together…. not familiar with the game? Oh its keep (insert item) away from the toddler. Its super fun and requires tons of screaming…..


Awwwww cute right? Having them both home means that means my meal planning needs to be FOCUSED or I will be snacking all day too, you know to save my sanity.

Despite the unusually warm weather we are having today (We went for a WALK OUTSIDE!) I’m craving comfort food, like cheesy, warm, gooey comfort food. So I decided today is the perfect day to re-purpose a recipe from a couple of years ago, Zucchini Roll-A-Tini!


This quick, easy, fairly cheap, low carb and keto friendly recipe is AMAZING, true crowd pleaser!

You can find the recipe by clicking here: Give Me That Recipe

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