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Good WEEKEND to you friends!!!

I’d like to start out with a confession. As many of you know I have never been shy about stating my vile hatred for the elliptical machine. I find it boring and it makes my hips hurt…yea you like that excuse? Even GGH makes excuses sometimes LOL.

ANYWAY, for the past week and half I have been cheating on the tready with the elliptical machine, and I am in love. It was by pure chance our faithful meeting. All of the treadmills were full and I was forced to grab an elliptical. I decided to go with the weight loss setting since that’s what I’m all about, and it was love at first interval. This is so much better than just flat out running! My stamina is being built back up, I’m sweating like no other while I’m working out, and the best thing of all is today I looked down and I could see past my pooch!!! Wah-whooooooo

So I really feel that the elipitcal is my key to feelin’ hot during my Food Network audition in a couple of weeks! Which I’m so nervous/excited for. I wish I had like 12 hours to explain to them why I should have my own show. Not to toot my own horn, but at 270 pounds standing at 5 foot 2 I would much rather have someone like myself (who’s been there before) telling me how and what to eat as opposed to someone who had always been thin/healthy/fit their whole life. I feel like you can’t honestly feel for someone unless you’ve walked in those shoes, whatever the situation. And let me tell you friends, I’ve walked in A LOT of shoes. I was chunky, ok not chunky FAT, on and off my whole life, my parents are divorced, and now I have a son who’s been diagnosed with Autism. I’m not saying all of this for sympathy, or for comments, I’m saying all of it because those are the people I want to speak to! I want to speak to Middle America and tell you that YOU CAN get healthy! YOU CAN lose weight without the gym or a trainer! YOU CAN still eat all of the foods you love-you just have to modify them and learn portion control and how to watch your calorie intake. And YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’m right there with you! I still crave everything bad for me, I still want to order dessert, I still want to keep eating after I’m stuffed when I’m out at dinner….It’s a battle, it’s a journey, and it CAN be done!

I read a post tonight by Mara of Medicinal Marzipan about being The Pretty Fat Girl and as I read my whole life flashed before my eyes. I was The Pretty Fat Girl or The Funny Fat Girl or the Run Interference For My Skinny Friends Girl……I know how YOU feel. I know how badly you want to take those labels away…..but honestly, they haunt me. I asked my hubby if he thought people still thought of me “as a pretty face” even though I literally cut myself in half, and he said “I think people have gotten used to you”. WHAT?!!!! So I went from being like 3 different titles to “Just Tera”…..NO I don’t want to be “Just Tera”, I want a title dammit-LOL.

My whole point is that once you commit to this journey and decide to build a healthier life for yourself the demons that you face now don’t go away, they morph into new ones. For those of us who were very comfortable being “a pretty face” or ” the funny fat girl” it’s very difficult to figure out who you are. Well I’m here to tell you that I’m still a pretty face and I’m still quite funny. Love yourself friends, where you are right now. Grab a mirror and tell yourself that you’re more than just a pretty face or a punch line, you’re a force to be reckoned with! You’re a healthy role model waiting to happen! Own your body and your journey, because in the end we are doing this for US and no one else!

**** steps off soap box****

Before I say goodnight I wanted to share my new slaw recipe with all of you and remind you of a GREAT deal I have going on right now!

Coconut Thai Peanut Slaw:

-1 bag rainbow salad (pre made no sauce slaw)

-1/4 cup creamy peanut butter ( I used Trop Traditions Coconut PB, hence the coconut)

-2 tbsp minced garlic (use the pre-minced in the jar)

-1/4 cup Soy Sauce

-1/4 cup rice vinegar

-2 tsp each cayenne pepper, cinnamon, sea salt

– 1 bunch green onions chopped

In a large sauce pan combine all goodies EXCEPT slaw and allow to reduce down stirring often. Once liquefied, allow to cool. Once sauce is cool toss with bag of slaw and green onion coating everything well, serve in chilled cups!

This was sooooooo yummy, refreshing and CHEAP! Would be perfect as an appetizer or nice lunch with some fruit on the side.

Onto my AMAZING deal!!!

My friends at Amazing Grass want to give you a GREAT deal! Simply click on one of the Amazing Grass banners to the right and enter “HEALTHY” at check out to save 15% off of your order!

And if you think that’s AMAZING wait till you see what I have to announce later in the week….it’s a GIVEAWAY with a fantastic new AG product!!!!! And it’s raw, vegan, vegetarian approved….wooo!

So click on any of the AG banners to the right and shop away!

Have a wonderful night and don’t forget about Zachary’s Autism Fundraiser below!

Healthy Wishes, T

The PHENOMENAL crew at Newhall Coffee created an organization called Coffee For a Cause. I have teamed up with them, and I’m “selling” coffee to raise Autism Awareness!!!! Please click on the logo below, and spread the word! Let’s help other families, let’s make a difference and raise awareness! help me unlock the puzzle!!!

Coffee For A Cause

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