Kona Kase {Review}

I don’t know about you but I LOVE receiving mail, as long as it’s not a bill ;-). Nothing makes me happier than my name on an envelope or a package, especially if it’s something awesome I have been waiting for like a Kona Kase!



This little box is filled with yummy and healthy surprises. The best part about opening my Kona Kase was this little note inside….


This is hanging on my fridge and I read it everyday, powerful. But onto the GOODIES! In my Kona Kase I received:

Mamma Chia

Dr. Will Bar

18 Rabbits (my FAVE item in the box)

Clif Shot


Osmo Nutrition

Kind Bar

Half Pops (my least favorite)


Each item included in the Kona Kase is designed to assist you in different areas of your workout, from pre to during to post there is something for anytime. Here’s a little back story on the awesomeness that is Kona Kase.

At the heart of Kona Kase’s mission is our desire to inspire people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We believe that anyone can get and stay healthy if they’re given the right tools and that’s what Kona Kase is all about.

Every month, we deliver you top tier nutritional products to help you achieve their nutritional and fitness goals. Whether you simply want to learn to run a mile without passing out or you’re training for your third Ironman Triathalon, we’ve got you covered. We taste, we test, and we send only the best right to your door step. If we don’t love it, you don’t get it.


Taylor LlewellynTaylor has run several marathons and relays. He feels uncomfortable in spandex and looks awkward using a foam roller. He enjoys Dolphin Club swims in the San Francisco Bay and experimenting with new kinds of endurance nutrition.


John FranklinJohn has done triathlons and several bike centuries. He biked 3,500 miles from Oregon to Connecticut in 2009 with three dirtbag friends. Unlike Taylor, he seeks opportunities to wear spandex at inopportune moments. He gets into the woods often to mountain bike with his dog, Chloe.


It’s May 2012. We were running the Relay (200 team relay from Calistoga, CA to Santa Cruz, CA) and found ourselves sitting in the back of an Econoline van eating tortilla chips and slices of provolone cheese to fuel up before the race. We were tired of eating the same old boring energy bars, but finding similarly healthy alternatives wasn’t easy.

Everyone on our team was talking about these great but relatively small or unknown brands they had heard of but couldn’t find. We knew there had to be a better way to discover awesome nutritional products than scouring local health shops or fitness websites or reading tons of product reviews and nutritional labels trying to separate the good from the bad.

We wanted to create a platform where runners, cyclists, swimmers, and yoga/Crossfit aficionados could sample different brands from around the country to find what works best for them. And so, Kona Kase was born.

So if you’re ready to be fueled monthly then visit: https://www.konakase.com/

http://girlgonehealthy.com/kona-kase-review/This post is sponsored by Fitfluential and Kona Kase. I received a free Kona Kase to review as compensation and the opinions expressed are mine.


Healthy Wishes, T

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