Kombucha & Rice Cheese…

Good Evening!

We had the best do nothing day ever! Well it wasn’t do nothing but we didn’t do a whole lot ;). We ran a few small errands, you know fun stuff like getting gas, banking stuff, mailing GGH business stuff, and picking up paper towels and toilet paper LOL. After all of that super fun stuff we came home and played in the yard and put Zachary into the “pool” AKA the hot tub with the water temp at like 90 degrees, which BTW is PERFECT on a hot day.



Swimming fun!

While they played and swam I munched on a GGH fave lunch, Spinach Salad with shredded pita and Annie’s Goddess Dressing!


Needless to say after helping daddy in the yard and then going for a swim Mr. Zachary was tired! He went right to bed with no complaints, YAY! He usually does though, he’s a good boy.

After Zachary was down I decided to make breakfast for dinner!!! We had scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and swiss Rice Cheese in Pita’s! YUMMMMMM-O

Goodie List (dinner/breakfast for 2):

-4 medium eggs

-2 slices Rice Cheese (we used Swiss flavored)

-1 tub fresh sliced mushrooms

-2 Pita’s (we used Whole Food’s Organic)

In cooking spray coated skillet saute mushroom slices until brown/cooked. In smaller skillet cook eggs to your liking, we do scrambled, and set aside. Cut pita’s in half to open, cut 1 slice of Rice Cheese in half and place a half in each side of the pita. Top with hot mushrooms and eggs, stuffing both sides of the pita. Add salt and pepper to taste.

breakfast sammy

Let’s talk about Rice Cheese for a minute……..OH-MY-LORD! I love it! This was suggested to me by the wonderful Cynthia of Fit World! It is DELISH! So creamy and it melted perfectly….yummy!

rice cheese

While we are on the subject of Fit World, go check out their website www.fitworldri.com

And I was also introduced to a STUNNING drink called Kombucha….one word….YOWZA. This stuff is insane. I can’t even describe it to you, it’s tasty and tangy and just crazy. It comes in all sorts of flavors and it’s is soooooo good.


For training today I just focused on my Abs and hopped on the bike for a bit. I put in 12 miles and caught up on some reading. The bikes at Fit World are so comfy! They have these nifty arm rests and I imagine myself lounging in an Adirondack chair on a beach. The arm rests also makes it super easy to read, and I don’t know about you but I pedal farther if I’m distracted. As always it was a great work out and it’s such a pleasure to go to the gym because of the customer service.

I’m super excited for tomorrow morning because I will be trying Power Yoga with Gary from 9am to 10am!! Come join me! You can print off a free 7 day trial pass to try Fit World out and it allows you to lock in the super low price before they open the new facility!

Go to http://www.fitworldri.com/freeTrial.html and print your coupon today!!! I hope to see you bright and early for some mind blowing Yoga!

I shall leave you know to watch some of the Sox/Yankees game with the hubby and then off to bed so I am fresh for Mr.Gary’s class!


Have a Fantastic Friday night!

Sweet Dreams! I’m on a Southern desert kick, I must be homesick! Peach Cobbler!

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