Kick N Ab’s Kicked My BUTT!


Wooooo am I pumped from this morning’s class with Lea, WOW! I took Kick N Ab’s and it kicked a lot more than my ab’s! I actually lost 2 POUNDSfrom taking this class, I looked like I had jumped in a pool when I left there…..AWESOME! It was the perfect class though: cardio, kickboxing, boxing, ab work, weights, and a little bit of DANCE! Anytime I get to dance, and to Justin Timberlake no less, I’m lovin’ it. Friends, if you thought I brought Sexy Back before, you should’ve been in class this morning LOL.

Just a little love for my JT,

How’s that for some eye candy?!

Anyway…..before class I scarfed a banana for some energy and after class I chowed on a cup of Oikos Hiney flavored yogurt straight up. I don’t know about you, but after a great work out I feel so light and full of energy….and not hungry. I know that I need to eat, but I don’t like to. That’s why I chose the Oikos, it’s light and tasty.

Obviously we have already discussed this morning’s training….wait….what’s that? You want ANOTHER picture of Justin Timberlake? Really? Oh all right….anything for my GGH fans!

All right, there ya go! Now we all have to go work out because that was a whole lot of eye candy LOL ;).

It’s another nice afternoon so we will be venturing outdoors again! Ryan doesn’t have class until 6pm so he will be in on today’s fun too! YAY! not sure what that fun will be, but I will be back later to fill you in.

On a serious note, PLEASE send in your recipes for the Cook Book Fundraiser. Portions of the proceeds will go towards GBM Brain Cancer Research! This is an important cause and very close to my family’s heart.We need tons and tons, the bigger the book the more money we can raise!!! Please help GGH in supporting this cause, pass it along to your friends! Let’s do this!

Have a Happy Monday!

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