Kettle Bells Kick A$$

As I continue on my never ending health and fitness journey I find there are so many different forms of exercise that I absolutely MUST try at least once. I have already knocked lipping tires off my list, I have boxed, I’ve taught Cardio Dance (AKA Zumba just not certified so can’t call it Zumba), I’ve taught and done Spin, I’ve taught and done Boot Camp…. the list goes on…. but one work out that I have been wanting to try, and was a little skeptical about, is Kettle Bells.

kettlebell-300x89Kettle bell training develops all-purpose strength to easily handle the toughest and most unexpected demand. Maximizes staying power, because the last round decides all. Blends strength and flexibility. Burns body fat like no other workout. A one hour workout can burn as much as 1500 calories. Using Kettle bells as a tool in your fitness program will help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, achieve a balanced development of all muscle groups and will work more than just the linear plane which will help promote an injury free body in the future.

I honestly thought Kettle Bell class was just going to be a typical weight lifting/circuit class…… WRONG!!!! It’s H-E-L-L with a round weighted bell of death LOL….. but I LOVED it!! And in fact I can’t wait to do it again!!!


Kettle Bell training at Better Bodies, much like every other class, is very different. You are not permitted to take a KB class that is on the schedule until you complete a Proper Form Workshop with a Certified Kettle Bell Trainer. Why is that you ask? Well that little round bell of death could hurt you and it is Head Trainer and BB Owner Cathy’s top priority to ensure you working out safely and correctly.

“If you tweak something or puke or push yourself beyond your limits… I’ve lost you. You don’t enjoy the work out and you’ll give up.” -Cathy Epstein, Owner Better Bodies RI

burnBetter Bodies says they aren’t a “typical gym” and if you turn on your TV or radio you’ll hear about 9 gazillion other gyms sporting the same line. Well I have been to said 9 gazillion other gyms and Better Bodies is LEGIT. When they say Functional Fitness and overall total body workout you bet your buns that’s what you’re getting!

You still have the opportunity to take advantage of the 21 Day Challenge, I urge you local Rhode Island readers to contact Cathy and get further details. Tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya ;-).


Healthy Wishes, T

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