Keeping Up With Protein World

Keeping Up With Protein World

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock for the past decade then you know the name Khloe Kardashian. Like the Kardashians or not they have some pretty powerful media influence and they openly share their lives with the world, good-bad-sad-happy-unhealthy and most recently HEALTHY. Khloe was definitely a top Health Influencer in 2016 and she is making even bigger moves in 2017.

Photo By Mike Rosenthal

Khloe just announced her partnership with Protein World and is sharing some of her weight loss, health, fitness, and motivational tools via their 30 Day Challenge. I am so EXCITED to announce to you that I’m jumping on the Bandwagon and I’ll be starting the 30 Day Protein World Challenge MYSELF! I have 30/35 pounds post Harper weight that needs to GTHO and having Khloe’s amazing results as motivation, well let’s just say you’ll hopefully be Keeping Up With Tera ;-).


Photo by Mike Rosenthal


Stay tuned as I will begin sharing my journey with you as soon as I receive my goodies! And please take some time to browse around Protein World’s site!!

This month’s choices are next month’s body“-Protein World


Healthy Wishes, T


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