Journey to Fitness: Becky’s Story

So we are quite a ways into 2013 and many of you have made Resolutions or Goals for the New Year….. and many of you might have already strayed from those Resolutions and Goals.

My good friend, fellow Mom-prenuer, and Creator/CEO of Haute Tags Becky DiStefano has made quite an amazing Goal for 2013. Becky is going to compete in her very FIRST Fitness Competition this Summer!

When I asked Becky why she wanted to compete or what made her set such a lofty goal, her response is EXACTLY why I wanted to share her story with you:

” My reasons for doing this are to have an amazing summer where I feel comfortable in a bathing suit and comfortable in my own skin, to be a good, active role model for my kids and to test my body as to what challenges it can put up with.”

Love it!!!

To get ready for the competiton Becky will be losing 50 pounds and following a very strict diet.

“I have eliminated sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, alcohol and artificial sweeteners from my diet completely” said Becky….. 


“I basically eat 6 times a day including oatmeal for breakfast, protein/carb/veggie at the other meals and 2 protein shakes. The protein sources include turkey or chicken or fish, veggies are any green veggie and carbs are quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato. For a snack, I can  have a rice cake with peanut butter or a protein shake or a piece of fruit/berries. I have to eat every 3 hours.”
I have nothing but admiration and respect for Becky in sticking with this and going for it 100%!! Be sure to comment below with your support, advice, and well wishes!!
Go get ’em Becky!!
Healthy Wishes, T

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