Jersey Baby

Hey there! Long time no post eh?! I had strict doctor’s orders that after my heart monitor came off on Saturday morning that I was to rest, relax, no work and just do things that make me happy. And I failed by Sunday morning because I snuck off to the gym and ran 2 miles LOL. But after I ran I tanned and that does make me happy and relaxed.

Besides, I was heading to JERSEY I had to be tan or they would know I was a tourist ;).

We stayed on the Boardwalk at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. This was my first trip to Jersey, and while I wish it had been a touch warmer, it was soooooooo fun. The drive wasn’t bad and Zachary did AWESOME! TGFDVDP……Translation, Thank God For DVD Player’s LOL!

It was about a 5 hour ride and we did stop before we hopped on the Garden State Parkway to grab Starbucks! I was soooooo happy to travel through New York! I lived there for about 5 minutes LOL and I loved it. It was always my dream to be discovered and perform nightly on Broadway. Just seeing the skyline from the George Washington Bridge made my heart flutter. And I couldn’t stop smiling.

Cheesin right?! I’m just going to post a huge block of fun pics below and I will give you a slight run down of what you’re checkin’ out! Tons of sights, tons of food, and my beautiful baby Zackie! Huge salads, gorgeous Spring Rolls, Lettuce Wraps, and a Plum Collins from PF Chang’s, Rainforest Cafe yummies, and I snacked on Somersault Snacks on the way down! Enjoy!

Great little getaway! I feel quite rested and revived! I even hit the gym tonight and ran 1.75 miles and did some lifting with the hubby. Now I think I’m ready for bed and to get full swing into the rest of a very busy week! I hope everyone had a super week and maybe you missed me a little?!

I’m gonna close with a little somethin’ for the ladies! When I got home I saw I had new followers on Twitter so I decided to take a look! And low and behold look who’s Following ME!

Yes boy band lovers, that is Jeff Timmons formerly of 98 degrees! He has a hot new solo album! Check out Hot Stuff!

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  • Hi there, I found your blog through Twitter. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to New Jersey, I live here so it’s not quite as exciting to me haha. I’m looking forward to reading through more of your blog!

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