It’s Down Right HOT!

Hello from hot and steamy New England!

What a warm day it turned out to be, 88…..whoa! It really was nice though to finally have it feel like summer. After Zachary’s nap Ryan and I played with him in the backyard and he was soaking up the sun. He loves to watch Ryan do yard work, I think that’s why Ryan does so much yard work :).

After our “lawn boy” took off to his real job Zachary and I ventured out to Warwick Mall. There was a crazy magician guy there…..ehhhhh not so much and Zachary will second that opinion. However, I did stumble upon a FABU deal at Bath and Body Works! The wallflower starter kits and refills are on for buy one get one free!!! WOOOOO, so yep you guessed it,┬áthe house smells DELISH! I purchased a Hazelnut flavor and a Warm Caramel Vanilla flavor…mmmmm….maybe that’s why I have been craving sweets all afternoon ;).

I also purchased a cook book that was highly recommended to me……and I’m so disappointed with it. This book was shocking to me, personally. I’m not going to reveal the book as I don’t want anyone “coming after me”. Anyway, she basically said that cardio was a WASTE of time and the only way to get rid of stubborn belly fat and make your whole body leaner was to follow the abdominal routine in her book. WOW! So, let me get this straight……you’re telling me that doing cardio isn’t going to make me healthy, strong, toned, lose weight, gain stamina, and sweat? And the only way to do all of those things is by doing the abdominal routine you’ve created? WRONG! I mean come on!!! I’m not a personal trainer, but I’m pretty sure that thanks to cardio I’ve lost 80 pounds! On top of her thinking her ab routine would make the world thin she includes recipes for you to follow……recipes FULL of carbs!!! She also believes in eating tons for breakfast and lunch and hardly any dinner! Who gave this lady a title? I’m sorry, and I’m sure that most of you can agree, if I don’t eat SOMETHING for dinner I’m awake at 3 AM STARVING and I usually don’t choose something sensible to eat. To make sure that doesn’t happen I eat dinner… I wrong here? So, I shall happily be returning this “book” back to Waldenbooks tomorrow to get a full refund!

Whew….thanks for the rant friends :)!

So speaking of dinner, I shall be nibbling leftover eggplant and a Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Patty YUMMY! I’m also trying to down a 50.7 FL OZ bottle of water everyday…..that’s a lot of water but it also averages out to be almost the 8 recommended glasses a day. It just seems so much more daunting in the HUGE bottle staring at me right now.

For training today, on top of the gym this AM, I put in 100 crunches on the ball, 1 mile at the track, and tons of running around with Zachary outside……Mom’s that is a work out!!!

So now I sit all alone in beautiful silence!!Nothing but the smell of my DELISH wallflowers, a cool breeze coming through the back door, and birds chirping away….I could do with out the birds I’m not a fan LOL.

I’m planning on going through some resources tonight from Whole Food’s and hope to give you guys some really great summer recipes!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday night!

As always I send you Healthy Wishes!!!

And I’ll leave you with tonight’s sweet dream treat: In honor of the Vanilla Caramel wallflower!! Iced vanilla & caramel donut holes! OH YEA!

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