It’s BACK | Jiggle Free January

It’s BACK | Jiggle Free January

It’s baaaaaaack!!! That’s right your chance to have a Jiggle Free New Year AND you can do it at HOME any time of day….. WOW! So who’s ready to get Jiggle Free?!!!

As always I know there will be questions but this is a pretty straight forward and easy, but effective, Challenge. I will include a “move breakdown” below though ;-).

Sit Up (feel free to anchor your feet- for example I wedge my feet under the sofa)


Push Up (you may certainly do them “girl style”/modified or military) (you may do forearm, military, side, reverse- pick your poison!)


****Always check with your Doctor before engaging in a new fitness routine. If you are pregnant or have back trouble feel free to modify these movements to ensure you stay safe and healthy.****

Healthy Wishes, T

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