It feels good….

Good Evening Friends!

It feels sooooo good to be back up and running. I hope that this new format will benefit everyone in every way, shape, and form. Please be on the look out tonight for new recipes the GGH kitchen has been working on. I have been in a “sweet treat” mood this week so lot’s of breads and cookies. Plus, watch out for an AMAZING Zucchini Cake recipe submitted by a GGH favorite, Kelly Simmons…’s DELISH!

I will be back later with “What’s For Dinner” and I’m feeling a Circuit Run comin’ on! Check out the Training tab for the Circuit Run guide…..AMAZING. I will also give you my play list  for the run, that’s sooooo important. I NEED music I can put on a “show” to LOL.

Thanks so much to everyone for making our first few days such a success. Spread the word and let’s start a Healthy Revolution, one day at a time of course ;).

Until later tonight, I leave you with Happy Eating wishes!!

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