So unless you’ve been living under a rock or you’re not connected with social media we are 8 days into 2011!! For some it’s been a victorious week, for others it’s just a dreadful reminder of the vicious cycle that is weight loss. I feel like when we put so much pressure on ourselves to lose large amounts of weight we are just setting ourselves up for failure, not to mention the whole title and officiality of a “resolution” looming above us a constant reminder of that potential failure. And as harsh as it sounds most of us will fail ourselves and those resolutions.


That’s ok! There aren’t to many things in life that you try and succeed at right away or the first time. In fact as cliche as it may be there’s an entire quote dedicated to it: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” If you surround yourself with positivity and positive people then those little bumps and tests along the way will be just that…a bump.

Instead of setting a huge goal try small attainable goals and envision yourself achieving these small goals.

For example:

Weight Loss- Don’t say I’m going to lose 50 pounds, 75 pounds, 100 pounds etc…Start out with I’d like to lose 15 pounds by (insert reasonable date here) Once that 15 is gone, do another 15 and so on. By the 3rd time you set your goal you’ll have already been in this new lifestyle and it won’t be quite as daunting.

It doesn’t just have to be weight loss though. What about for those who are already at their goal weight? Maybe you want to run a Marathon! You obviously wouldn’t just say “hmmm I’d like to run a marathon” and then sign up for one next month! You’d need to start training and maybe participating in small things like 5k run/walks and then working up to a half marathon and so on.

If we start to break life down into small achievable pieces then we will succeed thus making us happy, which is inevitably what we are looking for. Money can’t buy it and losing that weight isn’t going to bring it…trust me. Even after losing 100 pounds I still feel like there’s something missing. I always say the old Tera was so fun! She was outgoing, confident, could care less what people thought, she was funny and she thought she always looked super cute (at least I thought I did)!


The lighter version has a totally different mind set…..she is quite insecure and feels like everyone notices when she gains even the slightest bit of weight, I’m quiet and come off bitchy, I try to cover myself when it comes to clothes because my belly skin looks like I haven’t lost any weight at all (in my mind), when I look in the mirror I still see that 265 pound girl, I absolutely care what everyone thinks all the time, I cry a lot….and I don’t know why….so as you can see this is a journey with consequences. Once you finally reach that looming goal an entirely different journey begins, and I think this one is much more difficult for me.

So in 2011 I’m going to ask for help more, share my feelings before they snowball into a horrible bitchy rant, and try to re-claim the funny, pretty faced fat girl regime I once had….only healthy!

I wish you all the best in 2011….and remember if this first full week didn’t work out who gives a crap there’s always next week! 😉

Healthy Wishes, Tera

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