I’m Waving The White Flag….

Well my whole Detox idea lasted 24 hours! I give you hard core Raw Vegans ton’s of credit, but for me personally in my stage of the game I need FOOD!!!!!! I have trained my body to crave proteins, lean meats, and you know what I LIKE drinking Light Vanilla Soy Milk. I was able to give up coffee, bread, CAKE (my most favorite thing in the whole world) but I can’t give up Morning Star Farms Chicken in a Whole Foods Organic Pita with Parmesan Cheese sprinkled on top….NOPE!

Anyway….I did end up making it to Fit World tonight to try out Circuit Shred with Jen….OH-MY-LORD! One I think Jen is the body double for Jillian on Biggest Loser….see picture below for body reference and then imagine chubby Tera next to her LOL.

Ummm yea! However the class was super intense, she was an amazing instructor, I LOVED the cardio intervals in conjunction with the weights, and I could barely walk out of the room when we were done…..so to sum it up in the words of Jen herself  “AWESOME”! After heart attack time was over, just kidding, as I was walking out I had the honor of meeting the amazing Ms.Paula!!! Paula K. is one of Fit World’s most sought after trainers and I am training with her beginning Tuesday!! (Be on the look out for that post I’m sure it will make you giggle.) I had the best time chatting with her, and loved it even more when she told the detox thing was hooey and that I needed to go home and EAT!!!! On top of chatting with her and setting my appointment I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Chin, Head Trainer, and then some how got tagged teamed in the Ab room by the both of them! One minute I’m chatting away the next I’m doing a crazy ridiculous Ab routine that I still have no idea how I was able to even finish. The two of them were absolutely incredible. If you have a “fear” of working out with a trainer, like I did, but have always wanted to I suggest either one of them. They are patient, educational, and they are more concerned with you enjoying the training and doing everything correctly rather than how many reps and how much you’re sweating. Of course I told Paula on that on Tuesday I would be totally down for crying or throwing up which ever came first LOL. I need to drop this last 30 pounds like NOW!

After being told I could and should EAT I came right home put Zachary into the tub and down for the night and started cooking! Morning Star Farms Chicken, Broccoli and Parmesan Cheese never tasted so good. Sorry I don’t have any pictures but I ate everything hehehehehe. I feel much better now and way less like a starving beast.

Goodie List for Chicken and Broccoli:

-1 bag MSF Chicken Strips

-1 bag Frozen Broccoli

-I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (ICBINB)

-Cooking spray

-Parmesan Cheese (grated)

Spray skillet with cooking spray and cook MSF Chicken until warmed through, meanwhile cook broccoli according to packaging or cook up fresh if you’d like, once broccoli and chicken are done pour broccoli into chicken skillet and combine the two. Spray about 3 to 4 squirts of ICBINB over everything and sprinkle Parm Cheese over entire skillet. Mix everything well, plate, and DEVOUR!

So now after such an exciting day I am going to shower, make a cup of tea and cuddle up with my Jen Lancaster book. The hubby is going out tonight so I’m flying solo. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday and for my working GGH’ers Happy Friday!!!!

Please continue to send any and all types of recipes for the cook book, with my Father In Law’s recent decline we need to meet the deadline ASAP. It would mean the world to me for him to see be able to see and read it, so keep them coming and spread the word. Mail your recipes to: tera@girlgonehealthy.com

Also check out www.fitworldri.com GO NOW!!!!

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SWEET DREAMS!!!! Pecan Pie my FAVE pie!!!

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