I’m Not Done…..

I’m not done with my journey by any means, BUT I am not HER anymore!

Left: My Honeymoon 2007   Right: 2 Weeks ago on my way to the gym

Left: 2008 at my absolute heaviest, 265 pounds    Right: 3 weeks ago on Zoo Nite! 100+pounds gone

As you’ve seen in my last few posts I fell off of my own Healthy Wagon and I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself instead of kicking my butt into gear. I have always been the motivator, but I didn’t feel like I had anyone motivating me. But that was silly, I am my motivator! I began searching through pictures just to see if I in fact still liked the girl I used to know. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I still see that girl, but then I look at recent pictures alongside past pictures and I can see the difference. It’s time to stop feeling sorry and discouraged and move on. It’s time to kick it in and take things to the next level. What worked for me when I began will not work for me now. As my body has changed, hit plateaus, gained weight, dropped great numbers some weeks and nothing others…..all changing and adapting. But I don’t think my mind was adapting. I needed to SEE the difference. I tried on 1 lowly pair of jeans that I kept and I was able to fit Zac inside them with me! I have to remind myself that if someone had offered me 1 million dollars this time Summer 2008 I couldn’t of done it. I have to remind myself that I worked hard and met my own super tough goal of 100 pounds in 1 year, and if takes me a little longer to knock off the rest IT’S OK.

I’m proud of what I have accomplished and I look forward to the next set of Before & After’s when my journey is finally done! So friends if you’re ready to begin your journey check out: http://girlgonehealthy.com/?p=2479 and join me!

Let’s talk food and drinks really quickly!!!!

Thank the Lord my Newhall Coffee came in the mail!!!! I was dreading having to order Dunkin Donuts ;)! If you’d like to have a Newhall Coffee Giveaway to see what the BUZZ is about Tweet my friend Mitch @newhallcoffee and tell him You want @girlgonehealthy to giveaway @newhallcoffee! Worth a shot right?!

More goodies came in the mail……WAHWHOOOOOOO

Tropical Traditions GOODIES!!!!! Above is Coconut Cream Concentrate! I can’t wait to experiment with this one!

And then there’s the Coconut Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used it this morning on high fiber toast!!!


I also have a super quick and easy lunch/dinner for ya! I prefer it as a dinner because it’s super filling!

Not So Sausage and Peppers:

As you can tell, pretty easy! 1 bag of Morning Star Farms Sausage crumblers, 1/2 cup chopped green onions, 1 cup assorted pepper strips, 1 carton of sliced mushrooms. (Not pictured: 1 package chili seasoning, 1 slice of cheese-I used Rice cheese, 1 whole wheat high fiber wrap)

In large skillet, saute green onion and mushrooms until soft. Add in pepper strips and sausage crumblers, mix well and allow to cook until warmed. Mix your chili seasoning package with 1/2 cup water and pour over skillet. Mix well and allow mix to thicken. Assemble wrap to liking, roll up and enjoy!


Oh and I can’t forget…….


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Good Luck!!!

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