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Oh friends today was finally the type of day I was looking for. I really believe that my amazing Pilates class kicking off my day, allowing me to release everything, helped make today perfect. We did a whole lot of nothing but it was fun. We ran some mindless errands and then hit up the park, which was CROWDED as heck, and let Zachary chase us around for a while. By the time we got home Zachary was zonked and thoroughly enjoyed his afternoon drink/snack accompanied by air conditioning and Phineas and Ferb!

Ryan had class tonight so it was just me and Mr. Zac so we actually went back to the park, and we both put in some miles! I did a mile and then he chased me and when I became boring he moved on to some squirrels :). He loves the park, and he LOVES watching other kids play. He gets so much enjoyment watching other people doing something that makes them happy, my empathetic little soul.

After round two of the park we came home made some din din, he had Sweet Potato and Pears his Fave, and I had a Morning Star Farms Chicken Pita Pocket.

Pita Pocket:

-1 bag MSF Chicken Grillers Strips

– 1 Organic Trader Joe’s Pita

– Parmesan Cheese (pre-crumbled)

Cook chicken according to bag, slice pita in half, sprinkle parm into each half of the pita, and top with a bit of chicken in each half of pita! You will have left over chicken, so save it for a yummy cold salad!

So you’re probably wondering where the title of this post comes into play right? Well…..I was contacted by and editor from the Examiner.com to be the official Cranston Cooking Examiner. Someone forwarded her my site, Thank You to whom ever that was, and she offered me a position! My first recipe was published today! It was the ever popular Spicy Chicken Wraps! Please subscribe to my page! The more fans I have the more I will get published and the more opportunity that will give GGH to really get out there!!!  http://www.examiner.com/x-17688-Cranston-Cooking-Examiner

I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have perfect strangers trust me enough to write and tell me their story because of this site. I don’t allow the comments that you all send to me to be seen because I feel like it gives people a true place to vent and share their feelings knowing the ONLY person who sees what they write is me, and me alone. I don’t even share it with Mr. GGH, LOL, that’s Ryan the hubby ;).

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for making this possible, it truly is a labor of love. I eat, sleep, and breathe GGH I am extremely proud of it, and so excited for what is coming next!

Don’t forget to keep taking advantage of the Mix My Granola offer and the Amazing Grass offer! They are both great deals! If you haven’t checked Mix My Granola out yet…..GO! You make your own mix from the ground up! They do have pre-designed mixes, but it’s so fun to make your own. You control what goes in and how much, giving you ULTIMATE control of your nutritional values! How cool is that?!

So I shall leave you now to go cuddle with my hubby and watch mindless TV! Enjoy tonight’s Sweet Dream treat, and go check out my Examiner.com page!!!

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