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Good Evening Friends!

So as some of you know I had to ask recipes for the GGH/Cancer research cook book to be re-sent because they were wiped out. While everyone re-sent their recipes, and I thank you, I sent a pretty demanding email to my webmail tech support. They neglected to get back to me in a timely fashion, at least not timely enough for me, so I fixed the problem myself and recovered EVERYTHING! All of the recipes are safe and sound, but I thank all of you sooooo much for re-sending them anyhow.


Today was such a typical lazy Sunday. It seems that waking up so late just threw our whole day. We ended up just running tons of errands and stocking up on food supplies for the week. However, we went everywhere but Whole Food’s and Trader Joe’s….so that’s for tomorrow. We did grab a totally DELISH sammy to share from Great Harvest Bread Co.

Check it out!

It’s a California Cobb! Turkey, bacon, avocado spread, tomato, and chive light mayo on herbed focaccia. OH YEA!
So good, I wish I didn’t have to share ;). In addition to the BEST sandwich ever, I also picked up Jen Lancaster’s other two books!
I’m sooooo happy to own all three of her memoirs. She is such an inspiration. I’m still reading book 3, Such A Pretty Fat, but I can’t wait to go back and read book 1, Bitter Is The New Black, followed by book 2 Bright Lights-Big Ass. Friends, please go pick up her books! No matter your size or health scenario these books will definitely improve your mental health via laughter.
http://www.jennsylvania.com/jennsylvania/ check out her website and watch the video!
Since today was such a lazy day I felt lazy…..and my legs are still killing me! I’m not gonna lie friends, I didn’t train at all. Nope no weights, no bike, no tready….I just enjoyed the day with my boys. Since I had that yummy half of a sandwich, BTW that picture is the whole sandwich I had half of that, I just made a Strawberry Shake for dinner.
Strawberry Shake:
-1 package frozen strawberries
-1 cup Light Vanilla Soy Milk
-1 scoop Amazing Grass orginal flavor
Combine in blender, blend, and enjoy!
I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, and that you accomplished all that you needed to! Please continue to send your recipes for the cook book, we need MORE!
Sweet Dreams!

Friendly Reminders:

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