I Like To Eat

It’s no secret here or in my “real” life that I enjoy eating. I love to cook, bake, I love to drool over food on Pinterest, I fold laundry while watching Food Network, and my husband has even included the term “foodie” in his vocabulary when describing me (which by the way I LOVE).

What is about food that pulls us in?

Is it the taste…the feeling you get when you can smell your hard work in the oven….the look on people’s faces when they take that first bite and fall in love….or maybe it’s the comfort we get from it. The way we sort of close our eyes and get taken back to childhood, a vacation, a first date, or just that feeling of “ah”.


Whatever it is about food that makes you happy you need to use that to fuel yourself to make better food choices, and put forth the effort to try and plan those choices as much as you can. Now I know things come up and we sometimes have to take an unscheduled detour but you even have to plan for that.

By planning out your meals for the week you can do way more than just knowing what you’re going to be eating, check it out:

1) You’ll already be aware of your caloric in take

2) You’ll save money! Just think no last minute drive thru trips

3) You wont have to worry about what you’re going to cook while you’re at work

4) No more aimless wandering through the market trying to remember what you may or may not already have at home that would go with the random pack of chicken you just found on sale

5) By planning ahead and making sure you have back up snacks in the car, at work, etc…you can eliminate some pretty big obstacles like: those tempting work meeting donuts, being stuck in traffic and seeing the food exit signs, and spending money on food that’s not really that great for you.

6) The American Diabetes Association also says that by planning you keep your glucose levels down and even if you don’t have diabetes things like insulin, glucose, and blood sugar levels are all very important when trying to lose weight!

7) Planning helps to curb over eating! If you plan it and commit and even go as far as pre-portioning your food you will see results!

So friends I encourage you to cruise the internet and find recipes that strike your fancy such as http://girlgonehealthy.com/recipes/ and carve out an hour on a Sunday or before your week begins and plan those meals! Make a list of at least 3 to 5 meals that are good for you, quick, and tasty and don’t forget the grocery list for things you don’t have!

Happy Planning!!! T

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